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Sunday, December 7, 2014

WeVents Presents The REAL You

WeVents has done it again! 
WeVents brought together a team of 30 working women over the weekend. 
It was a full attendance and all the ladies enjoyed the networking session held at the casual environment of Delicious @ St. Mary Residences.

What a great way to spend Saturday morning getting to know new friends and learning new tip from Bobbi Brown who is one of the sponsors for this event. Other sponsors for the event include Strip (Ministry of Waxing), Clear, and Female Magazine

Happy participants receiving their sponsored goody bags before the start of the event.
And here is mine
Some of the guests took their seats and started mingling already.
Got to know a new friend whom I sat beside, Ivy Lim who is a professional make up artist.
Striking a pose with my beloved Edazz and I must thank WeVents for pairing us up. 
We got to know each other at a WeVents Talent show a year ago and we have become the closest of friends since.
Caught up with Dilina too.
While the Bobbi Brown team prepares for the presentation, we were treated to scrumptious food.
Check out the spread that we had.

Guests were hungry already. Let's start the makan first!

Happy guests at the food spread area. 

Pretty little cupcakes.
Awesome Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese on top. Yummy!
Scones and strawberries!
And here is Cherrie who is the emcee for the day.
Selfie with Edazz before the show begins
Check out the full make up kit from Bobbi Brown. So banyak tools to make one beautiful!

And the lessons began with Ms Carina Choo, the Senior Education Manager of Bobbi Brown sharing tips to the guests.
Our two lovely models for the day is Betty Liew
 and Menaka together with the very experienced make up professionals from the 
Bobbi Brown team.
All ears on Carina's sharing session
According to Carina, Bobbi Brown make up is all about keeping it REAL.
Bobbi Brown believes that a beauty is not about looking perfect. It's  about looking and feeling like yourself, only prettier and more confident.
Some of the tips she shared include:

1) The importance of powder to set your make up making it last longer.

2) Apply foundation to areas where it is needed. It may not necessarily have to be for the whole face.

3) Using a bronzer to enhance your features from cheeks to chin to forehead, giving you a natural 3D look with lighting on all angles. 

4) With the absence of an eyeliner, one can just spray some water on a brush and use black or dark eye shadow to line your eyes.

5) Do not wash your face too frequently as it will strip skin's natural oil.

6) If you want your lipstick to last longer, line your whole lip with a lip pencil before applying a lipstick.

7) To apply lipstick the correct way, just apply generously on the bottom of your lips and pucker up. Just do minor touch ups at the top of the lip.

8) Do not lick your lips. Use a lip balm to retain moisture. Our saliva has salt and it will dry out our lips even faster.

 It was a truly informative session with Q&A sessions from the floor all answered by Carina.
Menaka with her before and after makeover.

She glows with radiance 
Check out Menaka's rosy cheeks

Betty's before and after pictures.
Glamour Girl in the making
Bobbi Brown brings out her full features. And she's ready to party!
A Smiling Ms Carina looking fabulous on camera
And lastly, we were also given a glimpse on how to remove your make up properly using Bobbi Brown's famous cleansing oil. 
Jeanisha Wan, the founder of WeVents digging through the bowl for the lucky winners.

Guests were given a chance to purchase Bobbi Brown Value Set with a special discount.
Betty Being interviewed after her make over
It was a fun filled day of learning and networking.
 Stay tuned to WeVents facebook page or log on to for future activities and events.

About WeVents
WeVents is the very first Women Only Men Not Invited social event for women, by women.
Events are held in a casual environment with the idea of bringing working professional women together for a fun evening. Women can build connections, network and make new friends. Itis a platform for working women to let ther hair donw after a hard day's work.

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