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Saturday, April 5, 2014

WEVents :The Confident You

Attended this event today organized by WEVents and I must say it was a great success.
30 women signed up and we did not leave home empty handed. We gained not only products but useful knowledge to cope in the corporate world for working women like myself.

We were presented with a goody bag each from sponsors :
Dove, Elle, and Hada Labo.

Seen here in yellow is Jeanisha Wan, the founder of WEVents.

The invited speaker was none other than Michelle Tan, the branding consultant from Brand Image International Institute. And I must applaud her for doing such a great job!

Here are some activities and pictures from the event. 

The event was held at Delicious, St Mary Residences. The ambience was cozy and comfortable.

 We had these yummy cakes and pastries while listening to the speaker.

Some of the participants. Smile for the camera, ladies.

 And here I managed to catch up with some long time friends. 
Great to see all of you again, Janice, Shasha, Edazz, Dilina and Jacinta.

My partner for the day, Sereen of Posh Nail Spa

This was one of the activities. Which side of your face looks better. How balanced is your face?
We were asked to cover half of our faces and get a few friends to judge.
So which side of my face do you think looks better? I rasa Side A.

Side A

Side B

Later we were all given measuring tapes to measure the height and width of our face. Then divide the length by the width to get a reading. 
1.4-1.5 is normal
1.6 - 1.7 is better (longer I guess)
I scored a 1.75.

And here are some of the gelagat of the participants measuring each other's faces.

 Aww... so cute.

Moving on to the next activity, we were asked to select a piece of cloth from an array of clours that we love. Then pick a partner that you feel who can match your cloth colour.

I picked a shimmery gold and my partner selected a bright pink. We had a perfect match!
Heheehe! Actually Gold matches with anything!

We were shown tips on colour coordination and how to flaunt  and bring up certain colours by complementing it with the right accessory.

Next I volunteered myself for a hair demo.
Michelle taught us how to look presentable for a neater and a more polished look, suitable for a board meeting or presentation. She taught us how to bun up our hair in a simple yet stylish manner. It was done in under 2 minutes.

Tada...nice or not?

A happy me! View from the front. Nice and neat!

Edazz also attempted and hers came out pretty well too and it looked good on her.
Shasha did it for her.

All good things must come to an end. 
I made a few new friends and caught up with some old friends.
Thank you, WEVents for making all these possible.
Before calling it a day, we had a group shot!

Girls Just wanna have fun - "Graduation Shot". 
Lepas 2.5 jam of extensive learning we all "graduated"
Ini macam tossing the graduation cap. 
Only it's coloured cloth.

Posing with my goodie bag and a lucky draw bag sponsored by DOVE (Yes! I am LUCKY)

We left with a greater knowledge on how to dress better, which side of our face looks better, how to look more professional in our dressing, colour selection, shoes selection, wardrobe style selection. I must say I gained a lot of knowledge in just this one session under 2.5 hours.
I also learnt what ys "Y", "X", "O" and "A" style of dressing.

a) Pants will make you look more professional compared to skirts.
b) More layering = more professional looking
c) Appropriate skirt length that is not too long or short is 2 fingers from your knee.

Thank you Michelle of  Brand Image International Institute and WEVents for orgainzing such an insightful event. 
Looking forward for more in the future. 

Picture credit: Some pictures here are from WEVents.

And the event was featured in THE STAR today (dated 11th April 2014).
Read about it here

About WEVents

WEVents is the very first Women Only Men Not Invited social event for women, by women.

Events are held in a casual environment with the idea of bringing working professional women together for a fun evening. Women can build connections, network and make new friends. It is a platform for working women to let their hair down after a hard day's work. 

For more info on how to be a member, go to their webpage here 
or visit their facebook page here


  1. lovely post hun! twas a fun day! =)

  2. Replies
    1. Next round babe..I'm sure there will be more. :)

  3. It's a fun & informative event to join!
    I'm having a great time there eventhough my kakak & I were late!
    nice to know u darlin :)

    Cheers... (Farah)

  4. This looks like a really fantastic and practical workshop for women. I really enjoyed reading about the various activities, Choy Peng. Thanks for walking your readers through with such a detailed coverage. I liked that tip about skirt length too ;)

    1. Thank Michelle who took us thru in great detail! Glad to know u enjoyed reading it :) You've certainly made my day, dear