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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Kimono Kingdom at Jalan Jalan Japan

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu! Konichiwa! Konbanwa!

I love all things Japanese 🎎 and hence naturally I am also drawn to the Japanese culture, Japanese designs and especially their beautiful kimonos. I own many kimonos and yukata pieces. My first few pieces, I bought from Japan and now, mostly I get them from Jalan Jalan Japan.


It's so easy to get hold of authentic Japanese Kimonos and Yukatas. Jalan Jalan Japan is certainly a haven for Kimono hunters. Bookoff Japan sent a shipment of 5,000 kimonos to Jalan Jalan Japan and hence this makes Jalan Jalan Japan the largest retailer of preloved kimonos in Malaysia and South East Asia. There are literally hundreds of designs for you to choose from. All you need is TIME! 

Why are there so many preloved kimonos and yukatas at Jalan Jalan Japan?

Japanese suffer from an acute lack of personal storage space. Every time they bring something home to their closet something has to go. There are more than 800 Bookoff shops all over Japan and they have become a convenient place to drop off and sell their stuff.

You can easily slip it on and take a peek at the mirror to see if the design suits you. Or better yet, bring a friend to ask for her opinion. Because there are just too many choices available. The price range for these preloved kimonos and yukatas are about RM40, RM60, RM80, RM100 depending on design and quality. The quality of the kimonos are rather good, and some of them are almost like new!
The Kimono Section at Jalan Jalan Japan, One City, USJ25
They even have Kimonos for little children. How adorable!
Watch my video below and you can see the items for sale are all at a steal! Some I couldn't even believe my eyes!

Here I am modelling some of the Kimonos and Yukatas from Jalan Jalan Japan. This one below is one of my favourite. It's made of silk and it's so comfortable with the inner linings. So which one suits me the most?

This Yukata is very light weight and can be a little transparent. The yellow colour is soft and gentle. Very pleasing to the eyes. Matching this with a blue Japanese pouch which I got from JJJ.

This green kimono below has a more dramatic look with long sleeves compared to the others.

 I love how this looks from behind too. I totally accessorized with loads of Japanese headgear for a complete look. 

Also roped in my girlfriend to play dress up with me. Here she is also modelling one of the pieces from Jalan Jalan Japan. I think this colour suits her well. 

Always remember to wear your kimono LEFT over RIGHT (unless you're dead). The left side should always be placed over on top of the right side. Many non-Japanese make this common mistake.

The basic difference that can be seen between yukata and kimono, is in their fabric. Yukata comes in cotton fabric and is usually worn during the summer season. A kimono dress comes in silk fabric. 

Besides Kimonos and yukatas, here are some great finds from head to toe to compliment your total Japanese attire. From Japanese wooden slippers (Geta clogs), Tabi socks (a white divided toe socks up to your angles), scarfs, hair accessories and more at a fraction of a price. You don't even need to travel to Japan anymore to get your hands on all these items! Jalan Jalan Japan has it all! 

Tabi Socks

I bought this from Jalan Jalan Japan sometime back because I own my very first pair of Japanese wooden slippers and I wanted to feel for myself what it would be like to wear the actual Tabi Socks with the geta clogs, just like how the REAL Japanese do!

Geta Clogs (Japanese Wooden Slippers)

I bought this pair for RM10 at Jalan Jalan Japan last year. Since I have so many kimonos and yukatas I thought this was a great buy so that I can play dress up with the full set of Japanese gear. 

There are slightly softer ones if you do not like the hard wooden type.

Obi (Sash/Belts)

Owning so many kimonos and yukatas, I naturally also have many obi as well. My obi collection also comes from Jalan Jalan Japan. An average Obi price at Jalan Jalan Japan is RM15, some with very intricate designs. Here are some of my personal collection of Obi over the years, all purchased from Jalan Jalan Japan. Ain't these beautiful! I truly appreciate Japanese art and design!
The obi is a very looooooooong cloth and is tied to form a ribbon. Watch a tutorial here on how to wear a yukata and how to tie the obi. The one I am wearing here is tied. 

Obi Ready Ribbon

This is great shortcut for those who find it a hassle to tie the obi. Jalan Jalan Japan has various ready-made ribbon obi's for you to put behind your back. It's that simple.

Other Accessories

Bira Bira Kanzashi (Hair Accessories)

These are all my personal collection and here is an up close  look on some of my favourite pieces. I wore some of these together with my Japanese attire to compliment my entire look!
I bought this whole box of hair accessories at Jalan Jalan Japan too. Haven't get to try them all yet :Þ

Beautiful Japanese Purse

I bought this cute little Japanese purse basket for only RM3. This adds up to my whole look!

This black beauty is sold at RM5 only.
Other elegant purses here are about RM10

Now you know where to find everything under one roof for that full Japanese Look! Just step in to Kimono Kingdom at Jalan Jalan Japan!

Bon Odori is coming soon!

Bon Odori festival is a popular annual event in Malaysia, held every year and aims to expose locals to Japanese culture. Many would wear a full gear Japanese kimono or yukata as they make their way to the Bon Odori festival. The largest celebration is usually held in Shah Alam.

Photo credit: Tourism Selangor

Last year I heard that Jalan Jalan Japan practically sold all their kimonos as the day drew closer. So if you are planning your next Bon Odori trip, you can start shopping now! What are you waiting for?

Stalk Jalan Jalan Japan's Facebook page for more updates and especially their announcements on their TaPauSab events that you won't wanna miss! Jalan Jalan Japan is at One City, USJ 25, 1 Shamelin Mall and CenterPoint Seremban.

Also watch my FB Live Video as I bring you on a journey to Jalan Jalan Japan's Kimono Kingdom!

Arigatou Gozaimasu and Happy Shopping!

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