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Sunday, April 1, 2018

TaPauSab Day at Jalan Jalan Japan

I have been a fan of Jalan Jalan Japan  since its opening in November 2016. With its tremendous success, Jalan Jalan Japan opened its second outlet at 1 Shamelin Mall in September 2017. I frequent the one at One City and shop there at least 8 times in a month! That's about 2 visits per week! And recently I went to their TaPauSab event (happens every last Saturday of the month) from 10am - 10pm which they usually announce on their facebook page every month.

Follow closely and stick close to their facebook when is their next  TaPauSab Event. It's something you don't wanna miss. Having been to my very first  TaPauSab back in January, I was hungry for more, hence I am back again to serbu and sapu all!!! Muaaahhhhaaaa (evil smile)

The crowd already started building up as early as 10.00am in the morning. They were all checking out the special white steel racks prepared specially for the TaPauSab event.

How does TaPauSab  Day works?

 TaPauSab is only valid at the Jalan Jalan Japan at the USJ 25, One City Outlet.

For those new to this, you will find this useful. Not all the items in JJJ are applicable for the TaPauSab . You are only allowed to pick items at the designated area which is usually presented in a white steel rack. Items will be replenished 5 times throughout the day.

These racks are clearly labelled and sorted out into Children's wear and Women's Wear.

The Charges
For  TaPauSab, you will have a choice to get 1 clear plastic bag at RM5 or pay RM10 for 3 clear plastic bags and stuff all that you can in it (at the designated steel rack)

After having my very first experience of TaPauSab, I am pleased to share with you some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your TaPauSab at Jalan Jalan Japan, One City USJ 25.

1) Arrive early. Try and be there by 10am (that's when they open). 
Note: Do anticipate a crowd on that day.

2) Dress comfortably as you will need to wiggle around to find what best fits you.

3) Have a basket ready by your side so you can put in all the shortlisted items and evaluate again if you want them before you stuff it into the bag.

4) Find thin materials and light weight so that it's easier to fold and you fit in more into the bag.

5) If you have the time, walk around JJJ and come back again to check out if new stocks have been replenished. If time permits and you're not in a rush, you can even spend the whole day shopping there as the  TaPauSab does not come with a time limit. Buy till your heart's content but only on the official TaPauSab Day.

6) The whole bag will be sealed and later presented at the payment counter where they will remove piece by piece to scan and you will be able to see your final value. It's super worth it I tell you! 

7) We paid for only the number of bags which we could fill up. I think that's pretty fair! 

8) Back in January, mom stuffed a bag full of clothes worth RM95 and we only paid RM5!!! This time round, we manage to stuff 22 items in 3 bags and we only paid RM10. We ended up spending more than 5 hours in TaPauSab. So it's better not to rush and take your own sweet time hunting through all the treasures from the steel rack.

9) I love the fact that there is a table specially prepared for customers to pack and adjust their "treasure finds". 

Here you can take your time to fold and squeeze in all your goodies.

After you have squeezed in all the items, approach the staff at the TaPauSub area to have them taped.make sure your bag is stuffed full but not broken!

I hope you find these tips useful for your next  TaPauSab Day visit.

Wanna see my haul?

Here's a sneak peak on some of the pieces that I managed to grab. In total I managed to stuff in 22 pieces and paid only RM10 for the 3 bags full on TapauSab Day.

Modelling some of my favourite pieces from Jalan Jalan Japan's #JJJTaPauSab

This is one of my favourite piece from my TaPauSab March Haul. A super creative giraffe looking piece. Yes, I am moving over to the wild side. This would be a great piece possibly for my next animal themed party.

Mom and I modelling some of our favourite pieces from our haul.

 Feeling a little K-Pop-ish with this top and matching this look with a black pants. Hat and Boots are actually from Jalan Jalan Japan too which I bought early this year (not at the TapauSab Event)

This blue top is one is best matched with white. And it matches my blue hair!

A Pastel Purple Top to match my new rainbow hair!

I just love this piece! It's one of a kind and you know how much I love colours, floral prints and butterflies. I immediately fell in love with its soft material and colourful prints. With a matching blooming background, this dress certainly blends in. Sharing this lovely floral dress which I bought during my TapauSab in January. Sometimes you've just gotta take your time to dig in the whote steel racks. You will never know what treasure is hidden deep in there somewhere.

Lepas pergi once, I am very sure you would wanna visit Jalan Jalan Japan's TapauSab again and again cause the deals are just too hard to resist at an unbeatable price! 
Memang #Hargagiler

Don't miss your chance and stay glued to Jalan Jalan Japan's Facebook Page for constant updates. You won't regret it! 

Oh! yes and Happy Shopping!


  1. Choy Peng! I can see how happy joyful and love in what you write about your day! You make us too, wanna go right away!

    1. Thank u for your comments and feedback, Jo. I am more than happy to share my tips for those new to this. Indeed it's a good place to shop with awesome deals!