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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It's Halloween!

Hey, It's Halloween Today!
I love Halloweens where I get to play dress up.
And I love complimenting my looks with creative headgears.
One of my favourite is this Maleficent looking head gear that look like horns! Complimenting this look I wore dark purple lipstick and dark eye shadow. I also paired this with a black cape which I ordered online.  I now sport purple hair too!

Me as Pikachu
 And today I tried dressing up in bright yellow to match my Pikachu headgear that a good friend bought for me as a present a few years back. The iconic Pikachu red cheeks are actually from a red angpow packet and I used a 50 cent coin to trace the circle. The size is just right for my popping red cheeks. I put on a double side tape to keep it in place on my cheeks. How do you like this look for Halloween? I have dressed up as a witch, a dracula and others but I find dressing up as Pikachu in all an all yellow attire with red cheeks rather cute. So happen I have 2 Pokemon cup noodles (which I bought from Donki in Singapore) with Pikachu packaging on it and it goes so well with my Pikachu impersonation. Hey, this could double up as a cosplay outfit too!

BOO! (Yeah I know I'm not scary in this outfit)

Look, I also dressed up my dog, Rascal as Count Dogcula (sounds like Count Dracula) this year. Yes, he has his very own cape which I bought sometime back. Doesn't he look the part with Dracula's Castle and all.

Here's wishing you a Happy and Fun Halloween.

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