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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Playing Maleficent Dress Up was fun!

Out of the blue, once in a while I love to play dress up to work. Yeah, my work is flexible in terms of the clothes I wear. If I want, I can even dress myself in sports gear :Þ
Tengok mood lah....sometimes I come dressed as a giraffe (and posing with a similar animal print cake) or even some gothic creatures. So today I decided to wear my Maleficent horns and put them to good use. I just felt like being Maleficent for the day! Siap with dark blue-purplish lipstick and a black choker to complete that look! 
So, do I look evil?

Here are a few shots to share with you. I just pair it with a black top that comes with some wired collar to achieve that cape-like look, budget style. No fancy all-out Maleficent costume. Afterall, I have to make sure it's relevant for work. Not a costume part, eh. 

Walking around with my headgear and wearing it at meetings with my boss is sure fun! I had initially wanted to scare my boss but he ended up looking more confused than ever. And said "hey, it's not even Halloween yet!" That's the fun of being in the creative business I guess. I even have the flexibility to change hair colours every other months. I trust you have seen how my hair colour evolves in this blogpost here.

Just last week I have changed my hair colour to grey and I call it the 50 Shades of Grey Hair Works. And it compliments my Maleficent look with a slight gothic feeling. Friends who know me calls me "Miss Unicorn" because of my signature colourful hair and bubbly personality, they say. Well thank you my friends. In the past, I have also tried to dress up as a yellow Pokemon cause my dear friend Kooi Ching bought be a nice yellow Pikachu hairband for my birthday last year. Hmmm...maybe I should wear that again one of these days. Just for fun! And with red rosy cheeks. I am a chameleon and I never stick with one look forever. I love the part of being able to change my look and style completely. One min I can play dress up as an "atas datin" and one min I can just simply evolve into another style all together. Whatever it is I am simply enjoying it! It warms my heart to see many friends respond to my drastic changes at times.

I wish that purple bulu was either in black or not there at all!
It kinda make it look a little childish. But hey this is just for fun. I can live with it at the moment!
Here's the REAL MALEFICENT in full costume gear!

And so with me in Maleficent-like dress up today, I had this bright idea! Since I was already all dressed up macam Maleficent, why not sing the Sleeping Beauty song, Once Upon A Dream. Just for fun and to blend in the theme. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more fun dress up from me.

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