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Sunday, April 8, 2018

My Hair inspirations and Hair Goals

I finally have my ultimate dream Unicorn Hair, thanks to APT Salon at the Starling Mall for making my dreams come true.

See my transformation video here.

Flashback Oct 2017.
I have always wanted blue and purple hair. 
Here's my hair colour journey, starting from 1 colour to multiple colours. My hair transformation journey was specially done by Jacky of APT Salon Starling Mall.

Me in purple hair.

Purple slightly faded after 1.5 months.

Well, technically I have done it all, but not more than one colour on my crowning glory. I find that purple does not last as long as my blue hair. For those intending to dye your hair purple, be prepared that the colour will fade in less than a month. Next, I tried blue. The colour was deep and intense and lasted for more than 2 months.

I love the intensity of this blue.

As for my blue hair, gradually over the course of 2 months, it slowly fades to a beautiful mermaid turquoise colour and it's pretty long lasting. Many people asked how to achieve this minty blue. Well I can tell you that this was the faded effects from the previous blue on top.
A more faded version of the above after 2.5 months.
And now on my next level or hair evolution, I have set my sights on achieving this! I drew my next hair inspiration from this beautiful photo.

My final rainbow hair. I am now living my unicorn dream.

With amazing crystal-like colour mix of blue, purple, turquoise and a tinge of pink.

The Process to achieve my Rainbow Unicorn Hair was not an easy feat. It comes with experience in the hands of the stylist. According to Jacky, my stylist this final rainbow hair of mine was not done overnight and to achieve this sort of multiple colours, it takes really long hours.
Remember sometime last month when I had the Selangor No Water Episode? Well, halfway bleaching the top of my hair, suddenly there was no water. It was indeed a heart stopping moment for me. Looking at a more positive side, I decided to keep this new shade of blondish-blue for a month cause I had some friends say it looked nice and unique. After a month, I went back to APT to have my ultimate transformation.

Flaps of plastics were used to separate the different tones so that they don't mix up. The colours used were Rose Gold, Blue and Purple. Jacky said my turquoise blue at the tip of my hair looks good and he has decided to retain the bottom parts of it without putting new colour in it. Also, the blond parts, he retained some of it. Hence, Voila, I now have multiple colours of my hair! Well it was not an overnight feat and this was kind of accidental from last month's no water incident. 

Netherless, I was super pleased with the outcome of my new rainbow hair, making heads turn. It is unique on its own, thanks to the sifu, Jacky I know I am in good hands. My usual concave bob cut was also given a breath of fresh air when he layered the sides to balance out the colours so that the turquoise blue ends does not overwhelm the entire hair colour. And he also takes care of my slight grey hair at the front by delicately applying shades of browns to cover my grey hair. The result, this amazing shade of colour mix.

A selfie with the friendly staff of APT Starling Mall.

For hair services that make heads turn, 
contact APT Staling Mall for your next hair appointment at 03-7662 5933. They work with so much passion and enthusiasm.

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  1. I am loving this colour on you babe! It really suits your unicorn and bubbly personally...your hair adventures are crazy and magical!

    1. Thank you for your support dear. Ramai yang suka my this new set of Unicorn colours!