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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shibazakura in Japan

My first post to kick start one of the most beautiful places I visited in my recent Japan trip a week ago. Don't you think it's such a sight to behold?
The Shibazakura in Japan is just amazing and breathtaking. I was so fortunate to catch it in my recent trip to Japan from 12- 17th May 2015. It was part of Poto Travel's itinerary.
It was a wonderland full of blooming pink flowers.
 A memorable moment with mom with Mt Fuji as backdrop and these beautiful blooms of the Shibazakura
 Some of the new friends I made at the travel group.
Gambar buat kenangan bersama tour leader, Naj'laa dari Poto Travel dan kawan yang tour bersama kita orang.

Photo credit: Mochilis our Tour Guide in Japan. 

My Japan Package with Poto Travel was made possible by Media Prima 

Read how I won the trip here
(I paid extra and upgraded the trip to Japan instead of Korea because I just visited Korea the year before.) 

Special thanks to Poto Travel for allowing me to upgrade and top up the difference.
It was a great experience for me and mom travelling to Japan. 
The country is so advanced in terms of technology and systems. 
Will share more in my coming blogpost. 
For those interested to find out more about Poto Travel, details are as below. 
I would rate their professionalism and experience a perfect 10! 
It was a carefree and stress-free travelling experience with them.

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