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Monday, October 13, 2014

Mad Scientist At Work

It was a super fantabulous and lucky day for me yesterday. 
Got to play dress up as a mad scientist while attending a media event.
And guess what?
 I won best photo in the search for the Best Lab Assistant
Feeling on top of the world.
Can't recognize me?
Check out how detailed the event was planned. Siap with realistic props.
Finger Potion...Bulging Eyeballs. Hmm must be halloween approaching near.
How is that for a halloween inspired party idea?

 Realistic looking bones and skulls

 Even the drinks are in potion-like lab glasses. So thoughtful!
 Check out the other props. The hand soaked in the jar was the most realistic one to me.

 The organizers were so creative when it comes to transforming this space to an eerie looking environment.
Guests were entertained by Igor looking creatures who danced the day away.
See Igor Dance here

 Beautiful graphics to suit the theme. Great job, guys!
 You Tube sensation Elizabeth Tan mezmerised us with her husky vocals. 
Love her already. Beautiful and talented young lady.

Watch Elizabteh Tan here singing Havoc 

and Fly Me to the moon here

 Here's my winning moment 
when I was declared as the winner for the best lab assistant photo contest.
I could not believe my eyes! 
I won a 6 days trip to Korea and Saigon.  
YAY! Double joy! 
I will get to cover two countries and I am so looking forward for this trip next year.
 For more crazy pictures of other participants, you can view it on instagram via #mpbscreenings2015
 Lastly, a picture with the dua orang kuat from the TV Station before I left.
Encik Ahmad Idzham Omar, CEO of Primeworks Studio and 
Ms Shareen Ooi, CSG Chief Marketing Officer TV Networks.

Round 2 Korea, here I come. 
Will definitely share a travel blog when I return.

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