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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

I recently attended a Christmas Dinner Gathering with the Butterfly Beauty Bloggers and I had so much fun! It was held at The Apartment, Curve
See the crowd all so meriah and dressed to the nines.

I wore this glittery gold dress and did up a DIY necklace inspired by Harmini of Deeper than fashion. See her tutorial here

This was my version of the necklace. My "balls" were bigger (LOL)
Check out the cute Santarina distributing the sponsored beauty box for bloggers to review.

Thank you sponsors. So what's in the box? 
Will be reviewing all the items soon.
The main sponsor for the box is Shizens. Here's my review on their lip tatoo

Butterflies Unite!
The party was awesome with 100 butterflies attending.  
A great place to catch up and network among blogger friends and getting to know new ones! I made a handful of new friends here too! 
Be spoilt for tons of pictures from the party last night! 
Can you find yourself in my photos?

 With gorgeous Kay, Laura and Arpita
 Cute Chency aka Secret Santa Head
 With Small and Hot, Sarah.
 My teman semeja, Li Chuen. 
Kita berborak-borak and caught up while seated opposite each other.
 Our table so full of beautiful butterflies
 Finally met the gorgeous Elena whom I have been dying to meet through our mutual friend, Vera.
 With the flawless beauty Queen Elvina with looks to die for! Such a humble personality.

Tammy handing out the goodies sponsored by Garnier to all those who attended the party. Thank you Garnier for being a generous sponsor for all of us to enjoy your products.
 With Kak Innanie aka Coklateyes and Sabby Prue

Tammy ,Founder of Butterfly Project Malaysia and 
Kay who makes a great emcee for the night 

 Check out Ben Dan's cute Ginger Bread Girl Outfit. She sendiri DIY. So talented!
And Ms Angel in full angel gear set with a halo and a pair of wings.

 Hugz Charmaine of
She is soooo tall ad leggy

 JQ, Choulyin and Tammy.

 With gorgeous Kelly of
Love her tutu skirt. So princess like.

 Me and my gold tattoo from Shappytats
 With Pinku No Sakura  Glad we finally met in person! 
Selalunya cakap aje dalam alam siber.
 The guests clicking away.
 Emcee Kay in Action

The crowd waiting patiently for the first performance 

Edazz our Vocal Powerhouse blew us away with her rendition of 
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

 The crowd cheered when she gave it her all and reached some very high notes. 
Yes, Edazz. 
You can do it!
 Next, we did a duet of Let It Go and the crowd got wild and sang together with us. It was such a memorable sight singing in front of these butterflies and everyone sang along! 
And I meant they really sang along! Thanks for being so sporting, guys! Love you all!

Special thanks to @singingcoconut for capturing the massive sing-along! 
View it here -->

 Muka saya penuh emotions masa nyanyi

I had so much fun being able to be a part of this memorable event and it is an honour to be able to entertain the Butterfly crowd.

 Imagine this lovely crowd singing with me and Edazz. 
You guys Rock!

Next up! Team leaders assigned to their groups for an ice breaking session.
 Find your members!
 Cutenya pose mereka
 Look at all the Christmas presents! WOW! Banyaknya!
 Caught up with the beautiful Rane as well
 Masa untuk Secret Santa spring to action dah tiba.
Chency being the head of Secret Santa hands out goodies to each and every butterfly
 More random pics with Pinku No Sakura

 New friends I met last night. 
 Winners of Best dressed
 Yay! I won too!
 Thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia for this wonderful blogging journey and cultivating me and moulding me into who I am today. Thank you for all the opportunities and  creating a great platform for all bloggers, old and new to learn from one another.
Till then my friends!


  1. thanks #butterflymsia for making this a success, thanks for all senior tht helped wrap the gifts too. :D

    1. Great to see u again Sherry...after sooooo long.

  2. last nite was a blast!!! Nice to have met you in person, I'm so glad u know!! =)

    1. Like wise, Pinku No Sakura. Was jumping for joy when you said you were you! Finally!

  3. OMG you are so fast! Love all your pics and your performance! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Choy Peng :)

    1. Merry Christmas too Rane. Glad we caught up a little and had a good chat! :)

  4. awww so many photos love love love!!! i had a great time last night and thanks a lot for the pressies. Hey your necklace & dress are fabulous... phewit!!

    1. You look like a princess yourself, Kelly and the QUEEN BEE. Nyek Nyek. Thanks for coming up and merging the names for our group which won! Here's to #beeUtifly
      Butterflies Unite!

  5. oh wow..... I got to relive the dinner through your blog. I was so busy, worried and stress so I did not see the event through the eyes of the butterfly. Making sure everything went on smoothly.... I am so happy you all enjoyed this event put together for the community... thank you for your lovely songs... pics and post about this Choy Peng... you've evolved now!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the wonderful night Tammy. I had so much fun! Glad I made it there! No regrets :)

  6. you're got quite a voice!! great performance the other night!!