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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shizens Lip Tatoo Review

I was given the opportunity to try out Shizens Lip Tatoo, one of Shizen's Star product. 
Inspired and infused by natural ingredients Shizens offers offers a wide range of skin care and make up based on a well balanced artistry combining nature's best and science.

What it does?
It adds a spread of moiusture and relieves the formation of fine lines. It also helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones.

The wand is drenched in Shizen's white lip tatoo formula that turns pink as time goes by.

Here I have tested on my hand.
The white liquid magically transforms itself to a tinge of rosy pink on my skin.
Imagine this on your lips  and your cheeks. 
Yes this can be doubled up as a blusher in times of need.
This was taken after 1 minute
And this was after 5 minutes. 
Notice the pink becoming more vibrant.
And this was after 15 minutes.

Here's what I think of the product.
1) It glides smoothly onto my lips without a heavy feeling.
2) This is so natural and can compliment any make up with any look.
3) You can even layer it with a lipgloss for that shiny effect.

Works like magic!

Shizens Lip Tatoo (8ml) retails at RM 168.00 each.

Here is a list of their outlets and store locations

For more details on Shizens' range of products log on to 


  1. agree! this product is magical. it really helped lightened my lips pigment

    Najlaa 'Aqilah