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Saturday, July 26, 2014

CP's Favourite Picks

This song was suddenly playing in my mind and I suddenly decided to do up this post on my favourite beauty products. So I ransacked my home to pick up my all time favourite items to share with you. These are my top picks!


What I like about these products: 

Let's start with Clay masks. My favourite is St Ives and Origin's Charcoal Mask. They tend to deliver and I love the after effect on my skin. It leaves my skin less oily and I feel very clean after use. It helps tighten up my pores too.


What I like about this product: 

Next, I will move on to my favourite Hydrating mask.
Origin's Plantidote-Mega-Mushroom Skin Calming Face Mask.
This is my favourite hydrating mask as it calms my skin and helps reduce redness.
I keep this in the fridge and plant it on my face when it's freezing cold. Brrr...Love the soothing smell too.


What I like about this product: 

Bought for RM5 at Daisho. It's a steal!
Clears clogged pores. 
Warning: Do not put on full face for the first time.
When you pull out may be a bit painful, but still bearable.
It really clears up the face. I can even see small and fine face bulu sticking on the black-dried-glue-like peeled-mask.
I usually use it for nose, chin and forehead.

It's good to interchange the types of mask used so as not to dry out your skin when you use too much clay mask and alternate with hydrating mask which you can use more frequently. For the peel-off mask try not to use more than twice a week cause it can be quite damaging. 


What I like about this product: 

I could not believe this Biore Make Up Removing Face Foam can do its trick by removing make up on my face without a trace. Even the eye area. I'm truly amazed. Initially I thought it's just a regular facial foam. It does lift up to its expectations. Not believing at first, I used the below Maybelline make up remover to cleanse my face once more and to my surprise, there was no make up residue at all. Amazing!

What I like about this product: 

I have tried and tested many brands of make up remover for the eyes. I dare say the Maybelline Eye and Lip Make Up remover is the BEST in the market for me. It's a great bargain at less than RM17.00. It does not irritate nor tear up my eyes upon contact with my eyes (even my eye lids) It lifts up to its expectations of being super gentle to my eyes. Some other brands that I've tried stings my eyes and causes it to tear. This is a simply must have!
When it's on sale at about RM14 bucks or less, I will usually buy and stock up at least half a dozen. I open up two bottles simultaneously and have it placed in each toilet for convenience. It's also my travel must-have.



What I like about these products: 

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil
Shu Uemura's Cleaning Oil

Love them all. I stared using oil based make up remover when I first got to know Shu Uemura and I find that they are one of the best. I have also tried the Melvita's and DHC. Both are great too!  I use a few types simultaneously. From cleansing  cold creams, to cleansing lotion to cleansing oil. So imagine my toilet so full of these. I'm the type of person who loves to use a different brand every other day. Even for shower gels. Yes, I'm a sucker for variety. And my toilet is flooded with more than 20 bottles of shampoos, conditioners, hairmasks, body wash...etc. 


What I like about this product:  

One of the best facial cleansers I have used and I love the way it foams and leaves my skin squeaky clean. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser is my pick under the foaming cleanser category. Memang best!


What I like about this product: 

My favourite Moist Toner from Hada Labo.

I usually don't use cotton for this. I apply straight from palm to face. Love the way moisture is retained on face after use.


What I like about this product: 

I just love this sun block by Neutrogena. Stole this from my brother in Singapore. Tried it a few times and I decided that it's now mine! Hahahaha! Love the non-greasy texture and it also acts as a moisturizer keeping my skin hydrated and protected at the same time. 

What I like about this product: 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost (read my product review here)
Gel-like formula that is non sticky and hydrating.
It absorbs easily onto my skin and it's also kalis air. Love the after effects.

What I like about this product: 

The Bodyshop Tree Tree Oil helps reduce itch on my face area that is sensitive with a cooling sensation. Found another use. Helps ease mosquito bites. More usages here


 What I like about this product: 

A rare gem and a great find. The Himalaya Lip Balm. I swear by this. Costs only RM14.90 and sometimes even cheaper on promotion. You see, I have sensitive lips. This is just the right lip balm for me as it's made out of natural ingredients. No smell, no colour. I have very sensitive lips and cannot use "fruity" or "glitter" type of lipstick or lipbalm. It will cause the sides of my lips to itch and I end up putting medicated cream (formulated for reducing rash) just to heal it for a few days if the product is not suitable.


What I like about these products: 

 Loreal Professionnel's Mythic Oil
My most favourite item here is the Kerastase Cristaliste Hair oil. It is a super light weight formula that does not weigh my hair down. Keeps my hair shiny and healthy looking. My next best option is Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil. The formulation is slightly thicker than Kerastase's but also delivers. I also love to try out new hair oil in the market. Bought these two from Dove. Could not resist and gave it a try. Love the sleek feeling on my hair. But of course, price wise, the most costly one here is Kerastase, followed by Loreal Professionnel and Dove.

Besides hair oil, I am also a sucker for hair shampoos, hair mask and conditioner. My favourite shampoo in terms of fragrance so far is Ma Cherie. So far I have only tried their samples. Quite mahal sebotol and I wanted to try the whole range. My favourite hair mask would be the Loreal Elseve (Yellow Bottle) and smooth intense range (Orange bottle) hair mask. Love the smell. 

I usually use hair mask more than conditioner these days.


What I like about this product: 

Bought this from Singapore. A Japanese Brand called Cielo. Priced about SG17.00 and easily available in Singapore's Watsons or Guardian or Fair Price or at Swanston (cheapest price so far at Swanston SG14 or less)

 I have been hunting high and low for a product like this. A foam type of hair dye that can be kept and reused in the next few applications. Never seen this brand in Malaysia and most of the other foam type dyes in Malaysia allows you to use all at one go. I find this rather innovative as it can be very useful for touch ups for certain parts of the hair on days that I do not want to dye my whole hair. I was quite sick of having black hair all the time, so I chose the darkest brown (no. 6)
There is no black. I have shifted from dyeing my hair with henna to this. So that my hair can absorb colour once more.

By September I'm turning my crowning glory to purple with a USA brand called Manic Panic.They have tons of interesting colours. Sis is buying for me from Canada.


What I like about these products: 

 My all time favourite is the Lily Body Lotion by Crabtree & Evelyn. When I first tried the sample, I was captivated by its smell. I felt like I was in heaven and paradise with a sniff of this.gorgeous smelling lotion. 

Love the lavender and rose hand therapy too!

For a more watery treat, I love the Johnsons Johnsons' Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion.

It's unlike your usual lotion. It's easily absorbed into skin and I lurve the smell. So light and refreshing.


What I like about this product: 

I love Lux's rich foamy lather foam wash. This is my favourite variant of the lot. Magical Spell.
The smell is so captivating and alluring. I'm addicted to it. So far Lux offers the best lather foam and it's just my thing. I also love fruity flavoured body wash. My collection that I usually buy is from Bodyshop. I have so many body wash now that I have stopped buying. Gotta finish my stocks first.


What I like about this product: 

This mild detergent cleans my brushes and make up sponges with just a few tiny drops. You can get it at Daisho for RM5. I first got to know this product from another blog that I stumbled upon.
Make sure you clean your make up sponges and brushes regularly. 

That's all for now. Till we meet again in my next blogpost. 

WHEEE! 4 days of holiday! Take a break and rejuvenate. 
Spend quality time with your loved ones.
Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends and happy holidays. 

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