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Friday, May 31, 2019

Entering into the 2D realm


Stepping into a 2D realm almost gave me a surreal feeling. "Is this for REAL?" I asked myself. Me and my girlfriends visited this super unique place located at Sunway Geo Avenue. It is actually a cafe that sells BUBBLE TEA!!! Yup! You've heard me right! What a unique way to attract customers. I was the inquisitive type and hence decided to see for myself how this place turned out to be in REAL LIFE! Seeing it in photos is certainly not the same as stepping into this 2D atmosphere. If you have not been here, you must at least come once to see for yourselves. I am sure you will end up taking countless photos as every corner is super instagrammable! Most importantly have fun!

I purposely chose a 2D looking outfit to see how I would "blend in". As I see from various photos through their social media postings, almost everyone wears something that would make them stand out/ pop out but I tried the reverse- to blend in with a 2D Outfit. Hence, my caption for my IG post would be. What happens when a 2D outfit meets a 2D environment?
The answer is: I BLEND IN!
I also brought 2 of my favourite 2D bags as part of my OOTD. I was trying to create a BLEND IN Optical Illusion.

So it's back to school for me eh (with my matching 2D school bag at a 2D classroom)
The table and chairs somehow reminds me of a typical classroom. This is where customers sit and enjoy their bubble tea.
The open windows are really cute and adds a bit of depth to photos and gives it the perspective it deserves. 
Me striking a pose along a 2D corridor.
And I guess many of you would love this part! A 2D looking bathtub! You can see I was having a little fun soaking in the make belief bath tub with white balls.

And just for fun we took this photo with the REAL bubble tea!

Well in actual close up the bubble tea looks like this! 
It certainly is worth visiting. Arm your cameras and snap away guys! You won't regret it!

Some tips:
Wear plain coloured clothes. Best colour to stand out is red. Avoid wearing OOTD that has too many patterns or flower cause it will be too complex looking. You will blend in right away if you wear black and white, so it's best to avoid these colours if you wanna make yourself noticed! Happy snapping and enjoy the bubble tea while feeding your camera with tons of photos! The crowd may be overwhelming at times. Do be polite and let everyone have a turn for their photos. Do not hog a corner forever.

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