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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

Chinese New Year is coming soon. I hope you have all started planning for the CNY. It's barely a month away! 
For those in need for some auspicious dates for spring cleaning, change peacock feathers (for prayers), when is a good day to start business...etc...I am pleased to share with you my reference list which I follow every year, courtesy of Joo Hing USJ, a prayer shop in USJ that I buy my prayer goods every year. Take note on some dates that may not be favourable towards some aninal signs. Just avoid them.

And below are the dates of all the chor yat (1st day) and sap mm (15th day) in Chinese calender terms and major Chinese prayer dates.


After koh tung (22nd Dec 2018), I went and Sip Tai Sui in a Chinese temple in KL and here I would also love to share the animal signs in 2019 that are in conflict with Tai Sui. The animal signs are the pig, snake, monkey and tiger.
But remember to "wan" (return) by end of the year before the next koh tung after you sip tai sui this year.

LI CHUN 2019

Wanna HUAT Kaw Kaw for the rest of the year? Here are the auspicious dates to bank in your money on LI CHUN happening on 4th Feb 2019!


Another souce you can compare and cross check:

Here's wising you abundant of health, wealth and prosperity and continue to HUAT!!! Good luck and wishing you success in all that you do! Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!!

Have an OINK-SOME Year ahead!

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