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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Do the SWAP.

An afternoon of swapping, chatting and networking. This was the scene at Divine SS2 last Saturday where I attended my very first swapping event, thanks to Cindy Tan who shared this event with me.  I was all excited bringing in some of my clothes in exchange for some new pre-loved pieces. "The Swap Project hosted its third swap event and it just started barely 2 months" said Jayda Chong, one of the founders.
I was there to see its success and well accepted across women and (men) who also came and gave their support. I honestly feel this is a very noble project that these 2 young ladies have spearheaded.

At swapping event like these, you will discover a great way to have a wardrobe makeover without feeling the pinch.
As the saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Championing #textilesustainability are 2 young ladies who started The Swap Project, Jayda Chong (in floral pants) and Jamie Choy (in off shoulder top)

What is the Swap Project?
The Swap Project is started by 2 young ladies who are passionate about sustainability in a fashionable way. Textile is the world’s 2nd largest pollution in the world after oil. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, almost 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles are thrown away annually, and it is estimated that textile waste alone occupies nearly 5% of all landfill space. And in Malaysia 2,000 tons of textile waste was produced daily.
So instead of contributing to the landfill waste, these awesome ladies come up with a sustainable way to give these beautiful clothes a longer life span. 

In Swap Project you get to drop off your unwanted clothes that fits the following criteria, and they will sort them out. 

The best part is you get to pick any of the clothing that is available and it will be yours to own!
SWAP Guidelines
1. Bring minimum 5 pieces of clothes. (smart office wear, quality casual wear, pants, jeans, shorts, dresses, etc)

2. Only good quality and clean clothing

Here are some basic guidelines for those who are new to this and would like to join them for future swapping events.

Besides clothes, you can even bring your shoes, scarfs, belts, bags and jewelry for exchange. I am a sucker for blings. Naturally I was drawn to this pair of beautiful blings. It's so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off them, but take only what you can put to good use. If you can't make good use of it, don't take it.

Some accessories contributed by others that you could swap.

Great sustainability efforts by the founders. A handful of beautiful clothes that are all still in great condition with plenty of variety to choose from. A great way to have a wardrobe makeover without feeling the pinch! Kudos to Jayda and Jamie for organizing such a great noble swap activity that promotes #textilesustainibility

Bring your old wearable clothes that are still in good condition to their swap event and exchange for some new attire for a brand new look! A great way to look different everyday!

Here I am doing my hunt and look what I found! Some really pretty skirts!

As you bring your clothes and register, a group of volunteers will help sort out based on sizes.

 One rack will house the smaller sizes and another will house larger sizes. This is to make it easier for swappers to zoom in to the right sizes, faster! Some items will be placed on tables for you to scout through. A reminder to take only what you need. Do bring a sizable bag to put all your treasures. You'll never know when you need that extra space.
 To help funding their swapping event, swappers can make a  contribution (any amount) to help fuel future projects. 

What a great way to spend my Saturday for a wardrobe makeover with few new pieces I picked up from this swapping activity. I also made a few new friends.

The venue sponsor for this event was Divine Fusion Restaurant and Bar in SS2 (located just beside RHB Bank), a very strategic location for PJ folks. The swapping took place on their first floor. Downstairs the restaurant is done in exquisite taste with a huge painting making its presence felt.

The founders with Hazel of Divine.

 A beautiful restaurant done in exquisite taste.

So, if you are all ready to join the next Swap activity, be sure to  stalk THE SWAP PROJECT's Facebook and Instagram for a clue to their next swapping event. Psssttt...I heard there will be one REAL soon! 

I hope you can all help spread the word so that more swappers can take part. Do share girls and (boys) as sharing is caring!

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