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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Itadakimasu いただきます at Sumika

My Japanese inspired kimono top. I decided to dress the part when dining in at Sumika.
I love the Japanese culture and food! Let me share with you what I had at Sumika for dinner recently. It was my first visit there.

I have heard so much about this Japanese restaurant called SUMIKA. Located at the vicinity of SS15. So many people have raved about how awesome this place is. I finally had the chance to try this place out when my brother decided to do a family dinner there last night. In fact, my brother and mom was previously turned away when they visited this place a few months ago during dinner time. It was full house. They did not book. So if you really want to dine at this place, do remember to secure your place by calling them up for a reservation first so that you don't get turned away. Here is their tel: 03-5632 9312
For last night's dinner, we booked a week ahead.
This place is pretty small and it's full house most of the time. 
Smacked at the center is the chef grilling station. The restaurant has a smoking section and a non smoking section.

Sumika serves juicy and tender skewers in chicken, pork and beef (yakitori in Japanese)
Below is the soft bone (Nonkotsu) at RM5 per stick. I am not a fan of soft bone. I prefer the thigh chicken meat.
Thigh Chicken Meat (Momo) RM4 per stick is tender and juicy. I love this the most!
Thigh and Green Onions (Negima) RM5 per stick.
The difference of a dollar will get you this compared to the stick above.
The green onion gives you a different aromatic taste. It's worth paying for that RM1 more to have a different taste in your taste bud.

Garlic and Chicken Skin (Ninniku Torikawa) RM7 per stick. If you love garlic you will love this. The garlic is grilled in an aromatic manner. This is dad's favourite so far.

Grilled Chicken Wings
Besides chicken meat we also tried the Shimeiji Mushroom and Butter (RM12). After trying this suddenly I was inspired to attempt to make my own the next round. Love the fresh buttery taste. A great flavoursome combination.
In general if you find all of these too meaty, you can even order some mushroom dishes and rice (RM6) to go with all the meat skewers.
Pork Slice and Enoki Mushroom (RM7 per serving)
Meatball and Ponzu , a citrus based sauce(Tsukune Ponzu) RM5 per stick. Their handrolled meatball is one of my favourites so far. I just can't get enough of this!
Ahhhh I just love Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They are often very sweet, soft and aromatic. Sweet potatoes with butter (Satsumabata) RM10 per serving. Kinda small in portion for RM10 but the sweetness of these sweet potato is just awesome. The butter combination is perfect.
And here comes the best part! 
Besides the chicken thighs and meatballs, this is my favourite , the pork belly (Bara) RM7 per stick. This mouthwatering pork belly is grilled with perfection. Juicy and succulent. 

The only dessert you will find here is this  pudding priced at RM7 Pudding.
Generally some sticks can be rather salty. Overall the food is on the pricey side. Sumika only accepts cash as payment. Make sure you bring enough to settle your bill. 
Here's a glance through on the menu pricing so that you are more prepared when you plan your trip there. My bill came up to around RM163 for all that I had above.
Green tea is reasonably priced at RM3 but if you drink Sake be prepared to pay more.
Very important! 
Make sure you call up to reserve your space ahead to avoid disappointment.

No. 19, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-5632 9312

Itadakimasu いただきます

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