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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Good Food at Jalan Loke Yew

If you are looking for good eats around Jalan Loke Yew, look no further. You will spot this restaurant when you travel along the main road of Jalan Loke Yew and it's drenched yellow paint. Even the signboad is in yellow. This Restaurant is supposed to be called Red Leaf which is reflected in the inner signage but I'm not sure why the outer it's of a different name, Restoran Shoong City. It's pretty confusing actually to have 2 different names.
But I am sure you wouldn't miss this end lot coffee shop which is very spacious on the inside.
My family has been visiting this place for their awesome Prawn Mee for ages. Seriously this is one of the best place for Prawn Mee which I highly recommend. You may ask them to add more small prawns to have that extra ummph in your prawn mee. It's totally worth it. This bow, added with small prawns costs RM9.  It's sweet-tasting and aromatic. The broth is simply to die for because it is boiled from large pork bones and prawn shells for many hours to extract the sweet taste.

If you are a fan of Prawn Mee, just come here. Enjoy a bowl of heartwarming Prawn Mee with your choice of noodles, shallots, kangkung, bean sprouts and perfect poached prawns all in one bowl of superb Prawn Mee served at this place.

The next item that my family love is the curry noodles. We usually order these 2 items when we are here. 

First stall on left serves Prawn Mee and the middle one serves Curry Mee. The stall way behind serves Wantan Mee. The "Sui Kau" here is also very nice. Huge and with genuine fillings. This place basically have everything you need for a nice breakfast or lunch, the Malaysian way- Chinese Kopitiam Style of course. All the shops here serve tasty food.

I tried the Fried Kuey Teow here for the first time and it was equally good with sufficient "wok hei". No regrets ordering this. So much great local food here. On weekends it can be pretty packed.

The white coffee here is also great and it goes very well with their toast bread with kaya filling. This toast bread is thick. It's super crunchy and I had a satisfying meal here with my family today. 

Ground Floor,
No. 61 & 65, Jalan Loke Yew,
Kuala Lumpur

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