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Friday, August 3, 2018

The New Robinsons

Do you know that there is a new Robinsons just next to KLCC? It's called the Robinsons Four Seasons KL. It also houses a Four Seasons Hotel right next to it. I was all excited going there and checking it out for the first time about a month ago. Here' I found the most posh Starbucks that has a super instagrammable entrance. With my 2D OOTD I find this the perfect spot to take some shots.

Inside Robinsons, I found this piece of artistic wall that screams for attention and it goes well with my 2D OOTD too. 

My favourite floor has to be the lower ground floor as they house beautiful cafes, restaurants and eateries. Let me share with you some random shots I took when doing my rounds at the lower ground floor of the new Robinsons. I was captivated by the exquisite interior. Here I just wanna share some random shots of various restaurants and cafes I visited at the lower ground floor.

And this is my favourite among the rest. 

Also, I love the open concept shopping here with cafe shopping combined as one.

The next must visit place is the Malaysia Boleh food court which serves various variety of local food and I can tell you all the food there has standards and are super delicious. 

The best so far "peng leng jeng" is the chendul. It's a simply must try. Quite a few friends recommended this to me and I certainly agree with them.
The fried oyster was done in perfection too. I seriously enjoyed this dish. So much better than other places I have tried. Check out the beautifully painted mural at the food court, done with a local touch. The food court is spacious with plenty of variety.
Enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone.

I just love how they decorate this place with lots of bird cages to add some nostalgic touch to this place.
Just take your time and go around the stalls and explore your taste buds.

Walking around this place, blooming with flowers caught our attention. Time for some shots.

What a lovely bouquet to brighten up your day!

Striking a pose in between these blooming beauties.
Happy exploring the new Robinsons and may you have a great shopping experience there too.

Star also ran a story to introduce this new place. 
Take a read here

Wishing you a fruitful weekend!

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