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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Japan In Full Bloom

My little brother shares some awesome photos from his Japan trip. Yup! After a week long he is still there. Katanya it's freaking cold now! When I scroll through my facebook these few weeks, I realised many of my friends are in Japan now too, possibly due to the sakura season.
These are just too lovely. I don't remember seeing blooms like these when I last visited back in 2015 during the Shibazakura season.

The Great Mt Fuji

Ahhhhhh....the great Mt. Fuji on a bright clear day, clearly visible! Thanks to my brother who shared this shot with me as he holidays in Japan for more than a week. And he tempted me with colourful ice-cream of various flavours and sweet shots like these! Oh! that boy!


Hachiko, the loyal dog. 
Yup! I visited this place with mom too. So many tourists here!

My brother showed me beautiful Japanese printed hanky. I told him not to buy cause I already bought quite a lot at Jalan Jalan Japan. hey and these ain't cheap in Japan, ok? It may cost up to RM30 - 40 for an average sized piece! I'm not kidding you!

OK! He is tempting me with more ice cream. This time showing off his Mochi Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream. 

I asked him where is the ice-cream? I don't see it!
He said the ice-cream us inside the Mochi!!!
The ones we have here are all mixed ice cream with Mochi bits. Have you tried the ones from Haagen Dazs Malaysia? I have taken a mini scoop to test the flavour here but didn't quite like my ice cream mixed with something soft and jelly-like. I prefer having the chocolate ones honestly.

I can't wait for my brother to get home so I can raid all his goodies!!! Muahaaahhhhaahhhh (*evil smile)
Then again, I hope he buys me souvenirs!

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