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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Caffe Bene X Butterfly Ultraviolet Party

I am crazy over all things purple and I love desserts. Caffe Bene's Ultraviolet party is the perfect match made in heaven for me, marrying 2 of my favourite things all in one party!!!!

Unicorn CP Meets Mermaid Bee Lee. Check out our colourful hair!

Woooopeeeee! Excited Butterflies from The Butterfly Project gathered over the weekend to have a taste of Caffe Bene's latest Ultraviolet Dessert. They came all drenched in all shades of purple you can imagine! It was indeed a purple affair. 
The Butterflies looking all pretty in ultraviolet. 
My purple date for the day!
We were treated to a taste of Caffe Bene's latest mouth-watering Ultraviolet Desserts! 
 The waffles with ice cream is my favourite!

 Bloggers finding that picture perfect angle.

 A word from Mamasan Tammy and our generous sponsor, Caffe Bene Malaysia
Mamasan Tammy made everyone to ask a question each. 

Introducing Caffe Bene's Yummy Ultraviolet Purple Sweet Potato Desserts in all things purple!
Using sweet potato as the main ingredient, this is a must try if you're looking for something different! It not only looks good, but tastes good too. And the best part is it's super instagrammable too!!!
1) Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Bingsu RM29.90
2) Ultra Violet Sweet Cream Waffle RM18.90
3) Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Latte RM14.90
4) Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Frappeno RM16.90

Happy Moments the Ultraviolet Way

  I am the happiest with my waffles and ice cream

Do you actually know how to eat a BINGSU?
The toppings are usually on top of all the shaved ice. Learn a thing or two by watching this video. Tips: You've gottta mix everything together first. It may look messy, but trust me it's super awesome when all the flavours and ingredients are mixed together. You will have a blend of mouth-watering ice shave, ice cream and munch-able toppings!

Also special thanks to MAISON de gigi, Caffe Bene, Juicy Malaysia and Photobook Worldwide Malaysia for all these awesome goodies for us to take home after the event. 

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