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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Starstruck with TVB Artists

And so I had a close encounter and a starstruck last night. Had the chance of a lifetime standing right next to Mandy Wong, Grace Wong and these two hunky gentlemen, Benjamin Yuen and Joel Chan. Grace is my favourite actress. She is super seductive and sexy (she has a great figure) Grace loves to move to the beat and I can see she moves with the music and ajak Mandy groove with her while sitting down. I can feel she is a Dancing Queen. Her popularity skyrocketed after her superb performance as Fa Man in a Martial Arts TVB Drama called A Fist Within Four Walls.

Joel Chan is dashing in real person and is already a veteran in the industry.But Benjamin has most of the appeal that night and was a hit with girls. When Benjamin Yuen blew a flying kiss to the crowd, a bunch of ladies just melted with uuuuuhs and aaaaaahs and he did that a few times, the ladies went wild! Looks like he has a lot of fans here. This is my second time meeting Benjamin Yuen who shot to fame and I first got to know who he was in Tiger Cubs. More pics of him and Him Law in one of my old blogpost. Here's for you to cuci mata. Benjamin's hair is much more presentable now compared to his initial appearance back in 2014.

The stars were in town for an industry preview and helped promote 8TV programmes. Obviously Star Power counts, especially these guys all the way from Hong Kong. The crowd went wild when they appeared. It was a surprise for me cause I didn't know the TV station invited these HK TVB Artists as guests at their event last night. The TV Station, Media Prima did a fantastic show with awesome effects that took over the stage and BIG SCREEN that night.
The stage effects were wonderfully planned out with holographic 3D displays in their presentation. My jaw just dropped.
 Using lights and sound and holographic effects, the ballroom of Majestic Hotel was turned into a grand and eye opening act.
 Talented Bosses of Media Prima who also plays and sings!
Enjoy some of these upclose shots of the stars.
Yup! I was this close to them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed all these pictures.
As a Bonus, I have captured some of their video moments and am pleased to share with my dear readers.

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  1. So envy you sis!! I also wanna take picture closely with Benjamin and Joel!! :)