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Monday, December 4, 2017

The Wonder Years Live On

It was a walk down memory lane, when school mates from 30 years ago, gather together to chill and some great stories catching up with each other on our lives. Some, we have not seen each other for the past 10 years or more...
It was a great reunion. We laughed hard, we cracked jokes and best of all we enjoyed each other's company. It was not a huge group, but we made it work! Hi-5 ✋Cindy! Since it was kind of last minute, many did not get to turn up due to families and timing. Well, it was not easy getting everyone together! We are already in the midst of planning our next gathering for CNY (targeting at Ruyi & Lyn at BSC next round). But please confirm your attendance with me later once my invitation is out with the date so we can book the right number of seats! I hope to extend the invitation to more long lost classmates (most of you are on my facebook). Will PM you guys once the date is set!

I am happy to see the many happy and joyful faces reunited once more. Since all of us have our own lives and paths, it is not easy getting everyone together but we will try. Cindy and I will try and make it happen once more.....soon...So keep your diary open for us! You know who you are! Standard 1 -  Standard 6 Cempaka classmates from SRK TAMAN SEA, we can't wait to see you all again!
Here are some of our happiest moments when catching up!

Old meets new. Browsing an old photo from our schooldays with the super canggih smart phone. Ahhhh....and reminiscing about the good old days. Can you spot me? I am seated next to the teacher.

Well, here's a closer look! Yup! That's me with the funny coconut haircut!
This was us in Standard 1 Cempaka with Cikgu Bahrain. That was back in the 80's.

With Cikgu Mustafa in Standard 4
Below with Puan Rahimah in Standard 3.
And Mrs Cheah in Std 2
Thanks to some of my old classmates (Yew Chuan and Eric Chew Hoong Kiang) who digitized these photos and tagged me on facebook, I was able to access them. 

GOOD FOOD brought us together. 
We had our reunion at FoodLover Cafe at Happy Mansion, Section 17 as we all live close by around this neighbourhood. So it's easy for everyone to come together. Also FoodLover Cafe serves a mixture of East meets West dishes. So we can have the best of both Western and Chinese food to suit everybody's taste. Wanna know what we had?

We ordered and shared some of their most interesting cakes! This is the Banana Coffee Toffee Caramel Cake (RM7.90)! Doesn't this look tantalizing?
This is one of our favourite! We had two slices to feed the whole group! This is the Rum & Raisin Cheese Cake (RM10.90) and it's just heavenly!
We also fell in love with the Fresh Mango Cake (RM8.90) made with fresh mangoes of course!
The prices of the cakes here are very reasonable and the best part is the flavours unique and one-of-a-kind!
For main meals, Mooi Ling and I shared one of their best spaghetti called the Smoked Duck Spaghetti with a tinge of spiciness. The smoked duck meat is tender and super yummy and the spaghetti is just with the right amount of spice.
Aaron and Swee Puan ordered FoodLover's famous mushroom Bruschetta and Aaron claimed he has this most of the time when he is here. This is one of my favourite too. It comes in a set of 3 pieces.
Good Food, Reuniting Good Friends, 
In a Good Way
Poh Ling, Aaron Lee and Swee Puan

Cindy and Foong Ngan
Aaron and Ben making funny faces. Mooi Ling all smiles until cannot see her eyes.You can tell that these people are having a good time. And me being the photographer for the day iimmediately took out my camera and snapped these precious moments away.
Aaron Lee our fastest runner when he was a kid and Swee Puan who runs his own Architecture firm now. All grown up!

Hey, I just realised Ben is the only guy in this pic! Ben is happily married with two adorable kids who is half Japanese!

Let's berborak!
Laughter is the best medicine. We laughed non-stop and Cindy was the loudest among all of us.

Our gathering lasted for about 3 hours!!! Yes, we had so much to talk about!
Looking forward to our next catch up in February 2018! Glad to see you guys had loads of fun!

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