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Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Sunway Putra Mall Shopping Spree

Heart's Thumping, Heart Beat Rising Fast with an Adrenaline Rush.

That was how me and mom felt when we got to spend RM500 in under 2 hours at Sunway Putra Mall last weekend. I was one of the lucky 20 winners who won the Sunway Putra Moments contest and we were thrilled to be a part of Sunway Putra Mall's  special Christmas shopping spree. I brought mom along to experience the shopping spree with me.

The lucky 20 winners who got to embark on a shopping spree!
 It was one of the most "gan cheong" moments in my life. For almost 2 hours everyone was running frantically around the mall to shop for their desired goods or services. We were given a list of participating tenants that we could use our Sunway Pals points to redeem items, goods or services.We had to finish our RM500 worth of Sunway Pals points within 2 hours! Now, that's a challenge. 

The pre-loaded Sunway Pals card with RM500 worth of Sunway Pals points for our shopping spree.
 It was a time of bonding for us and we're grateful for that!

Me and mom went up and down and all around the mall hunting for the best bargains and suitable items to buy and bring home. 
Wanna know what we bought?

Mom and I browsing through some clothes in FOS
In summary, I bought 2 boxes of contact lenses (dailies) for about RM220
Mom bought a baju from FOS at RM49 and some cholesterol pills from Caring Pharmacy (6 months supply) and we bought dad his favourite Refresh eyedrops (we sapu all 4 bottles) from Caring Pharmacy. The rest of the money we spent on food like Juice works, Cinabon, Simple Life and Secret Recipe.

Sunway Putra Mall's Christmas theme is toy factory and it's decked with plenty of beautiful Christmas Deco to fit the theme. You can also spin the wheel for a chance to win more when you spend RM100 (max 2 receipts combined). Mom was all smiles but her this spin won her nothing with a "better luck next time" tab. However, LADY LUCK gave us a second chance. In our next spin (2 spins entitlement from our purchases), I manage to hit JACKPOT not once but twice! OMG! We could not believe our eyes! We were then invited to come back to the mall again by early January for the FINAL SPIN with a BIG WIN! Keeping our fingers and toes crossed that it would be something GREAT! What a way to start our NEW YEAR! Mom was obviously thrilled and overjoyed. At least she had something to look forward to soon.

Winners showing off their stash of what they manage to grab within the short 2 hours.

Thank you Sunway Putra Mall for such a wonderful Christmas present and shopping experience with my loved one! It was certainly memorable.
 For the food items that I spent, I ordered and paid up and told the food vendors I will collect later in the evening. That's how I spent my RM500 wisely within the last ten minutes before time's up!

After the whole event was over (we were asked to berkumpul at 4pm) at the concierge area for photos, me and mom went back to the restaurant for our proper dinner, all paid for in advance earlier! Now we had our chance to sit and rest a little after all the running around.

We had a great meal at Simple Life.
Some of our happiest moments captured at Sunway Putra Mall.

There is still time. Play the Sunway Putra Mall's Augmented Reality game by downloading the app and scanning the advertisement in the newspaper for a chance to spin the wheel. Or simply spend RM100 (max 2 receipts combined) for a spin. Who knows you might get lucky when you hit the JACKPOT just like us! We will be back Sunway Putra Mall. See you!

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  1. Excellent write up! Sounds like you guys really had an amazing time!

    1. We sure did! With a lot of panting and huffing. Out of breath running around.