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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cor Blimey Fish & Chips at Uptown

Hey! UPTOWN FOLKS! There's a new Fish & Chips place in town! I believe when you drive around Uptown Damansara Utama, you are bound to pass by Cor Blimey, a new restaurant that serves British Fish & Chips!
It was my very first time there last week while food hunting for dinner one day. I have wanted to try this place for the longest time! You see, I was still searching for the perfect Fish & Chips in Malaysia after having some really nice ones in Perth a few months ago.

Upon walking in I was greeted by a very bubbly lady, Fadya who kindly explained how the menu works. "First, you choose your fish type" she says. You can pick between the Haddock, Atlantic Cod, Snapper or Dory.  She happily explains that Haddock, Atlantic Cod are specially flown in from UK and is highly recommended.

"Next, you choose your Batter" she explains. Pick from Plain (Original), Lemon Herb, Onion Garlic or Chili Lemon. And you get to choose your sides, next. Pick from Minted Mushy Peas, or Chunky Coleslaw or Baked Beans.
I picked the Catch of the day- The Hoki Fish since it was on promotion. I also picked the Onion Garlic Batter and Coleslaw as my side dish.
The dish finally arrived without waiting too long. It comes with some chips that are freshly fried.
Ohhhhh My Hoki Fish is soooo meaty! Can you see the thickness of the meat?
The portions is just right for one person.

 The concept behind this place is SIMPLICITY explains Fadya.

The colours are kept to a minimal state. Lighting is good and I love the classical key art pieces.

Friends who know me well will know that I am a sucker for all things with the Union Jack Flag! 
Hence, I fell in love with the table and chairs here all with the UK Flag! Can I bring them home, please? Nah! Just kidding!

While eating I met a friendly Muslim family there who were fans of this place. Al-Azadi and Johany with his kids were a friendly bunch. He started sharing his favourite fish here and he recommended me to try the snapper, which I will do so next round! This place is Muslim friendly guys!
We took some gambar buat kenangan. Yay! CP dapat kenalan baru!

One very instagramable corner spotted!
Strike a pose with these props

I will be back for more!

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