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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Beautiful 2018 Planners

Unipaper has done it again! It has won over my heart every year without fail with its beautifully designed and handy planners that I carry around in my bag for work or play, to plan my days ahead. Yes, I am an old fashioned girl who still believes in pen and paper. I do not use my canggih handphone as my diary. But instead I love using these gorgeous planners by Unipaper  and every year come December I will go hunting for them at Popular bookstores. Look at what I found this year! Beautiful designs that surprises me every time. Last year I bought their rainbow design planner. This year's design got my tongue wagging and I could not resist both designs, hence I bought both. Planning to give one to my sister next year when she visits. Somehow I love them both. But of I could have just one, I would go for the floral pink one. Afterall, one can only use one planner at a time, right?
The inside pages are simple and has ample space for me to write my daily activities, work or play. Friends who know me well would have seen my planner. It's how I plan ahead. I may get some free dairies but I would rather pay RM5 to buy this! It used to me RM3.80 three years ago! Oh! how inflation has hit us!

This is the back of the blue design with beautiful sea creatures which I also adore. This is a half A4 fold size.

For those looking for a bigger planner, one such is this cat design which is also beautifully done. This is double the size of the earlier ones on top.Once open, it is an A4 size on each side. Meaning it opens up to an A3 size. This size is to big for me. What I like about these planners besides their interesting designs is that they are light in weight. I don't need fancy hard cover planners that weighs a ton.

 Inside pages of the cat design planner with beautiful pastel colours and design elements. I want them all if I could!
With 2018 approaching,  feel this is a great buy to share with all of you. Hope you find you ideal planner too! :)
 See more interesting products from Unipaper via their facebook page and website below. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by their great designs!

Unipaper products can be found at all Popular Book stores.


  1. oh mai goodness these are soo cute! and they are affordable too! gets me contemplating everytime i get planners because im a stationary and planner hoarderrrrr.

    smiles from wan @ everything magical

    1. Thank you for commenting dear. Hope you find this useful. Have a great week ahead!

    2. Go grab your 2019 Planners now from POPULAR Book Stores. It's out!

  2. Pretty! Bought one from Typo recently T.T maybe next year for 2019 haha

  3. Hi, can I know where you bought it? I've been searching for months but couldn't find it... wish to have one for this year as well as its really nice to use!!

    1. Go grab your 2019 planners now at POPULAR Bookstores. It's out!