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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Take a "Bait" at Intermark KL

Hey guys! There's this super awesome restaurant that you need to visit at least once to try out their list of offerings and indulge some of their Mediterranean inspired dishes. Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you can easily find BAIT KL  near the main entrance of Intermark Mall ,KL. It is easily accessible via an interlink bridge that connects from Ampang Park. Bait KL just began its operations in August this year.

Be prepared to drool as I take you on a gastronomic journey at Bait.

Take a "Bait" at Intermark KL
When you hear the name Bait and look at its fish-net-like logo, you are bound to know that this restaurant serves up a good catch from the oceans and sea.

Bait's menu has a strong Mediterranean influence. 
The person behind this is CHEF LOGAN TERENCE LOPEZ, the 
Group Executive Chef of Bait KL
Logan believes in keeping things simple, letting the ingredients speak for itself. With his extensive experience both locally & abroad, Logan brings a myriad of robust, hearty flavours to all the menus he creates and I am lucky to try his creations.

BAIT is Kuala Lumpur's original seafood and oyster bar. With a name like that you will know that Bait gets its inspiration from the sea with enticing ocean treats.

First up! Fresh Oysters. If you are  a fan of oysters, look no further. Bait offers a variety of fresh oysters from Ireland, UK, France and Australia.

Eggplant Maghor (RM16)
The Eggplant Maghor comes in a small appetizing mix of smoked tomato ragout and chickpeas

Baby Squid (RM 28)

Cuttlefish (RM 30)

Patatas Brava (RM 22)
This is served as tapas, as a small Spanish savoury appetizer

Soft Cheese Bruschetta (RM 15)

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM 25)

Grilled Perch Souvlaki (RM48)
Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. I love the food presentation for this dish as it looks like an art masterpiece with some paint splattered to create a work of art! Only this is edible and so pleasing to the eyes. I totally admire this work of art! The Grilled Perch Souvlaki has roasted pepper, tomato gravy and coriander dip that makes it all so interesting.

Fettuccine Squid Ink (RM 62)
This dish in black squid ink looks kind of mysterious. The black is so dramatic it makes the food more interesting! Don't worry! Squid ink is safe for consumption.

In fact, squid Ink is actually high in iron and antioxidants and has a number of potential health benefits and is also rich in flavour. True enough, this dish didn't disappoint me.
Squid Ink  is pretty common in Italian and Spanish cuisine. 
Curious how does the squid ink come about?
Squid produce ink as a defense mechanism and it's harvested directly from a sac between the gills. This dish is rich in flavour and I loved it!

Prawn and Mango Salad (RM 26)
A great combination of colours of all sorts that made it look so appetizing. It also tastes good! The mango adds some sweetness in this awesome combination with succulent prawns and fresh vegetables.

Stuffed Lamb (RM 30)
The stuffed lamb is presented in a nicely wrapped ipiquillo pepper that has a spicy-sweet flavour and mixed with balsamic glaze. The name piquillo means "little beak" as you can see from the shape of the wrap that looks like a beak!

Oven Bakes Sole Fish 450 gm (RM 79)
The sole fist is a flat fish and it's meat is tender.
The sauteed cherrystone clams is done in perfection with a good mix of garlic, chilli and Spanish parsley.

Jumbo Prawn Curry Laksa (RM 49 nett)
This is part of the SET LUNCH with APPERTIZER or SOUP OF THE DAY and Coffee/Tea/Soft Drink

White wine infused with fruits. How interesting.

Let me take you on a journey around their restaurant's cosy and classy ambience. A great place to chill and unwind after a hard day's work and great for catching up with friends. I see a lot of office crowds and expats having their dinner and drinks here after office hours. It can be pretty packed during dinner time.

The Bar Area

You can even sit on the outside with a great view of Kuala Lumpur!

The other entrance from inside Intermark Mall
Chef Logan and I in a picture perfect pose!

Bait KL certainly left me with a gastronomic trail of delight!
I will be back for more!

To locate Bait KL, find them here:
Lot G-19, Ground Floor,
Intermark Mall, 348 Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For reservations, call 03-2181 1268

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