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Monday, November 27, 2017

Colour Me Beautiful

 My Hair Colour Evolution

I have always loved playing with colours. From dressing up in vibrant colours and now to exploring new hair colours every few months. I have gone blonde twice in my early 20's kononnya inspired by Coco Lee then. I still remember wanting to be a blondie just like her. I did just that more than 15 years ago. And after that I decided to give my hair a 15 year rest from bleaching. Now I am back where funky colours are in! I am thrilled when salons here offer colours like Purples, Blues and Greens. Since Sept, after my Perth holidays, I have gone purple. I have always been dreaming of getting my crowning glory in purple. And my ultimate dream is to turn my crowning glory into mermaid and unicorn colours
Just wait and see my hair evolution in the coming months.  I entrusted my hair with the professionals at APT Salon at The Starling Mall who did a wonderful job on my hair transformation.
I went from purple to shocking pink (a colour which I bought from Australia)

And now after 2 months, I went back to APT to have my hair in a bright beautiful blue shade which I fell in love ❤ instantly. I feel that I am beginning to be more daring in brighter colours as I did a transition from the initial purple (which was not as bright) and further explore with Shocking Pink (a colour which I bought from Australia) and I finally decided to leave it to the good hands of the professionals at APT to turn my head blue as at now. So if you see a blue haired me walking around, do say hi! I have been attending numerous media events lately and friends complimented that I looked good in this blue and that my hair was indeed "interesting and somewhat unique". It was also a great conversation piece! Yup! Just last week at Jaya One, a random stranger just said hello to me and asked me where I did my hair and how come it has two shades with blue and some slight green in it. I explained that the green part was due to the 1 time bleach which was still yellow and blue + yellow = green! That was what the professionals at APT explained to me while I did my blue hair dye there and they carefully mentioned that there will be parts in green. I actually don't mind at all. In fact the guy I met at Jaya One commented that the green flows really nice with the blue! 
While in Genting a few days ago I have had many stares and people often ask where I had my beautiful hair colour done. I shared with them where I did my hair of course because sharing in caring.
I am now eyeing to turn green in the coming months. I don't think I dare try the Copper, Copper Rouge and Rouge. I feel that these colours are too loud for me. But who knows one day I may dare take up the challenge. I prefer cooler tones like the violets, blues and greens. Maybe one day I may have all 6 colours on my head. I will be a walking unicorn someday......
What colour shall I go for next? Follow me on my instagram  (@choypengism) and follow my hair colour evolution journey!

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