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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chef Lee's Noodle House at Mega Mendung

Located at the vicinity of OUG's shoplots, along Jalan Mega Mendung is Chef Lee's Noodle House that serves more than noodles! This is THE PLACE TO GO if you're hunting for authentic Taiwanese food because the lady boss herself is a Taiwanese and she was formerly managing New Formosa Restaurant.
It may get a little crowded in the afternoons during lunch time.
Her dishes here are priced at an affordable price range. I tried the  Lu Rou Fan and the Pumpkin Yam Rice. For a small portion like this, it's only RM5.50 each! Where can you get a decent meal for RM5.50 these days, huh? You can upgarde to the LARGE portion at RM8.

Spicy Black & White Fungus (RM 4.00)
Where cna you get an appetiser at this price too? Such a real deal!

For those who do not want to have a heavy rice meal can opt for their noodles. So as you can see Chef Lee's Noodle House is more than a noodle house, you know what I mean?

Signature Pork noodles (RM6.80)
A simple soupy heart warming meal at an affordable price tag. the soup is not overwhelming but slightly "cheng". Just right for those who do not like it to be too heavy in flavour.

Pork Noodles and Roasted Pork (RM 11.80)
This dish is in the dry form but it comes with a separate bow of soup. Mix it well before you eat it. 

This Nan Ru Pork Slices (RM7.00) is highly recommended too! Sliced thin, perfectly marinated and crispy with lots of "Hou Gam" when you bite into it.

Crispy Bites of Sesame Pork Slices (RM7.50)
For those who just wanna much on something, this dish will give you that extra kick with its crunchy bites.

Dessert Galore
We were spoilt for dessert from Tong Sui to puddings of all kinds. This is a great place to come if you have a sweet tooth for these desserts. A highly recommended pudding to try is the Red Bean and Green Tea pudding. The Matcha flavour is super kaw! You can really taste it! The other flavours were Mango, honey herbal pudding and custard caramel pudding

Sour Plum Ai Yu (RM3.00)
Ai Yu Roselle (RM3.50)

I love the Roselle one better. The other one is Ai Yu added with Asam Boi and it's slightly sourish for me.

Ginger Tea (RM2.00) 
To "buang angin" if you drink this!

Her Mochi is to die for! You must try this. Made fresh everyday!

With the iron lady, Mrs Lee. Thank you for having me. I love your dishes that is so wallet friendly and so yummy!

Head on over to Chef Lee's Noodle House to satisfy your appetite for her Taiwanese Bites and Meal at:
 97G, Jalan Mega Mendung,
Kompleks Bandar, Jalan Klang Lama
Tel: 03- 74965394
Opens from 8.30am - 9.30pm