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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Blooming Araluen Botanic Park

It's Spring Time!
Here are some amazing sights at the Araluen Botanic Park, with hectares of breathtaking and endless tulips in sight! We were enjoying the full bloom of beautiful flowers that surround us! Such a spectacular display of colours! Tulips of different breeds in a spectrum of colours greeted us as we walked around the park. It was a pretty colourful sight!

The dark red tulip looks mysterious. Reminds me of some dracula movie.

Into the woods before the start of our trail. We bought our tickets as our car enters the gate. 

Such lovely flowers in full bloom greeting us!

59 hectares of developed gardens with a diverse range and exotic species of plants ranging from tulips, tea roses, camellias and so much more.

The path from where we parked that leads us to the gardens. Be prepared to walk quite a bit. Put on your walking shoes.

What a lovely back to nature sight with ducklings hanging around in delignt.
The morning sun shone brightly,
What a peaceful weather,
We are so lucky!

Beautiful tulips in full bloom,
What a sight to behold!
Cuci Mata all the way,
With a fantastic sight I must say.

A very unique kind of tree,
With hairy cylinder-like blooms,
you must see!
Looking very much like a brush,
That's not meant for scrubbing, I trust! 
*cheeky smile

Someone doing some picnic.

This scene reminds me of The Sound of Music,
And I quickly recorded and sang in glee.
The hills are alive..with the sound of music......
with songs they have sung...for a thousand years.....

Purple tulips! My favourite colour indeed,
A colour that is all so unique.

The landscape is too good to be true,
Well you don't get to see this everyday
I appreciate every moment of it.

Look Ma! We found a tree that looks like a SAKURA TREE!

It feels like i just walked into Disneyland,
When Mom stumbled upon Rapunzel, Tinkerbell and Cinderella.
We politely asked for a picture moment and they were dashing off somewhere thereafter.
In such cold weather and wearing so little, these poor girls have to brave the cold weather.

Well hello there little boy! Smile for the camera! I guess he was in shock.

A warm fire very first experience of a fire place.

A beautiful stream sighted as we walked. The sounds of water gushes makes it all too beautiful in sight!
Just for luck! Looks like a clover , please give me some luck!
With one of my favourite looking bushy tree, Looking quite splendid and as tall as he,

Beautiful tall pine trees shoots up the skies,
In plain sight!

My jumping mode on

And now for some quick selfies. Laying on the ground, All three!

It's hard to say goodbye,
To such a beautiful sight!
For those who wanna find out more, here's the website of this beautiful park filled with bloom in Perth.

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