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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Spectacular Experience at The Sand Dunes

Another desert-like part of Western Australia we visited in Perth was the Sand Dunes at Lancelin. My brother wants to experience some sand boarding and hence we made a trip here. Lancelin is one of the best locations to start your first sand boarding experience.
This is one very extraordinary place I visited in Perth. It's another desert-like place filled with nothing but sand called the SAND DUNES. 
Sand Dunes are a pretty new term for me. dune is a mound of sand formed by the wind, usually along the beach or in a desert. In this case it's in a desert of course. 

Some parts of Australia are high and dry. Remember I previously wrote about The Pinnacles? Now, that's another type of desert in Perth! 
The Sand Dunes was a placed introduced to my by my little brother who wants to do some sand boarding while in Australia. Naturally mom and I were dragged along. We had great fun and it was an eye opener. Mom had fun posing with the sand board too!

It's not an everyday sight that you see an ocean of sand like this. The grains of the sand are fine and in a clean beige colour. Reminds me of the Middle Eastern Desert.

Here sand boards were open for rent. We just rented one for the fun of it!
Tough vehicles like these (Quad Biking) were seen running around the mountains of sand.

See how tiny they look. 
We had to walk pretty far ahead and climb a hill of sand to reach  the peak so we could slide down with the board. Get the idea?
I love the contrast of the blue skies with huge clouds against the almost white sand.
Time for some selfie first before he gets down and dirty.

Trying to take a creative shot using the forced perspective method. One of my favourite type of photography skill.

Tyre tracks from the heavy duty vehicles.

Wheeeeee.....Ah Boy is finally sand surfing!

While mom sits and wait on my donut mat meant for the beach. And here is my Donut Mat being put to good use at the sand dunes.
The wind is so strong! My donut mat flutters. It's hard to have it lay perfectly still on the sand. Check out the number of bags sitting on top of the donut. It was also for keeping our butts clean. Mom is in her picnic moment by the desert. How unconventional!
Peace! My brother striking a pose while sliding down the sand dunes.

Doesn't mom look lovely?
And here comes my turn.

 It was great fun sliding on the super fine white sand. But not easy to slide.
The irony of climbing upwards after you slide down. Hey it takes a lot of stamina ok.

Climbing up after sliding down is a great task. I think he went on for like 3-4 rounds and then it was enough. There is a trick though. You must find the right path with slide tracks so that the sand board glides smoothly. Climbing up it's best to climb on areas that has foot tracks and pull your way all the way up. It's tiring, YES! Not an easy feat!
Oh! We were given some wax to wax the board for a smoother ride. Best to wear slippers cause sand gets in the way if you wear wrapped up shoes.
Me and my silly poses.
Selfie while sliding? Why not?
My selfie stick seems to be very useful in this trip.
 Brother selfie-ing while sliding

Saja take with the sandboard. Like yeah! I did it!

Some creative shot again. The vast land of sand reminds  me of Christina Aguilera in her Genie in a bottle video.

It was windy and cold at the same time. I had to wear multiple layers to keep warm.

This happens to be my fav shot for  the day!

Mom had a one heck of an experience too watching us play with sand. Finally my boy boy's dreams of surfing in the sand dunes materialized.

Will be writing on the places I shop in Perth soon. Stay tuned,

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