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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rise of The Pinnacles

Today I wanna talk about one of the interesting place I visited in Western Australia. It's the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are large natural rock formation, an ancient desert sculptures of the Pinnacles. It sits in Nambung National Park, along an idyllic stretch of coastline north of Perth.

Visiting the the Pinnacles Desert in Perth is certainly an eye opener for me. Well, it's not everyday you get to set your eyes on such a magnificent build by Mother Nature. These rock formations are simply one of a kind. It's only in this desert-like part of Perth you get to see these wonderful formations that comes in all shapes and sizes. When I stepped foot there it just felt out-of-this-world! I could not believe I was actually there! 

 I got my brother to record a video of me in jumping in joy and in full excitement!
Mom enjoyed herself too by posing next to these rocks
With clear blue skies, these plain vast desert with rocks are a sight to behold! It took us almost 2 hours drive to reach here from where we stayed at Landsdale and it was worth it.

Each rock has a unique shape and comes in many sizes and forms. Not one are the same.

Ancient limestone pillars of the Pinnacles. And here I am having some fun taking some selfies with my loyal selfie stick.
Brother leaning against a rock pose. Looking cool there little brother!

With my jump for joy pose.

And I am taking the opportunity to do a lot of poses among the rocks.
Mom celebrating the open spaces.

The sun was shining brightly. It wasn't really hot but cool. 

Noticed this van dragging tyres to form the tracks and create some friction so that the roads are not so slippery on the fine desert sand.
Check out the properly planned trail of rocks that formed a very systematic path. It was huge in there and we had to circle around quite a bit before we could get out. We were lucky to be able to drive in quite a bit and circle the surroundings. I heard some parked their car outside and walked. It's a loooooooooong walk. Trust me! And luckily it did not rain that day. Out of the 9 days I was in Perth it rained almost 7/9 the 9 days. Can you imagine! 
Hope you enjoyed the photos and scenery too from these pictures. I will be writing more about the other beautiful places I visited while in Perth last month. Stay tuned!

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