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Monday, September 4, 2017

Escaping into a world of fantasy in SG

Helloooooooooo Friends! How was your looooooong holidays?
Here's wishing you a great start at work, all rejuvenated and all refreshed.
And here's welcoming September. To kick start September, I am going to write about one very interesting place I visited in Singapore last month. It's a magical place for me and it feels like I have escaped into another world full of fantasy.

I visited the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore .This post will be more about my crazy photos taken there. This photo of me riding the unicorn is one of my favourite. It feels so magical.

I also had fun playing with my little brother on my next make-believe shot.
The bigger ME bullying my brother.
And next, my more sizable brother wanting to wack me back. We siblings really had a great time here. I love our expressions.
So it's not just me and my little brother having some fun. Mom joined in the game too. I knew immediately mom would love this trick eye museum because she had a great time when I took her to experience something similar in Korea. She can really act! Wait till you see some of her shots later.
Ahhhh....I believe I can fly. Me as an angel with wings. I super love this shot too.
And showcase a creative photo of me by posing and not looking into the camera.
Brother has a shot too. Yay!
My cute Guardian Angel brother.
Ahhhh this shot is close to perfect. Yeah as if I can stretch like that!
I loved the outcome of this balancing act!

This was the first sight that greeted as as we stepped into the museum hall. 

And so....many of you may just see perfect pictures taken here. Now let me take you behind the REAL scene at the Singapore Trick Eye Museum and how each artwork is prepared for you to capture that perfect story or moment.

I cannot imagine that if it's overcrowded how do we go about taking individual pictures? So glad I came now when the craze was over.  I had wanted to go when it first opened its doors back in 2014 but the line was so crazy. I had to sell my tickets off to my girlfriends who were so happen visiting Singapore then and I only came 3 years later. Hahahaha! I was super glad I made that decision cause then I could take my own sweet time to go around taking photos minus the crowd. As you can see the space is not huge and you will need the full landscape to yourself or your family and friends if you wanna take a good photo (minus the crowd) Otherwise your photo may not turn out well. Watch this video and you will know what I am talking about. Now you get the idea? 

 Mom and I had a great time!

 So realistic looking. BTW I was actually sitting on the floor.

Mom and boy having some playtime 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I also love the mermaid scene.

The photos were so good that I decided to make a photobook out of it. 
Here's to a memorable family outing.
Psst...I also heard they have some sort of Augmented Reality Effects. Too bad I did get to experience it there cause I did not download that mobile application. I was pretty happy with all the photos taken. So no regrets in visiting.

Interested to visit the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore?
More details can be found here:

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