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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Of Harry Potter, Mermaids and Unicorns

What does Harry Potter, Mermaids and Unicorns have in common?

Yes,not only they are magical, but they are my new set of brushes! Don't they look beautiful?
I got these babies at a steal at Shopee

Just search Unicorn Brushes/Mermaid Brushes/Harry Potter Brushes. I can't decide which ones I love most hence I ordered them all. Which is your favourite?

I love the rainbow pastel colours on the Unicorn brushes. It gives me such a magical feeling when brushing it against my face. Both the Unicorn and Mermaid Brushes are light weight.

But the Harry Potter brushes are quite heavy. It does have some weight! 
My Harry Potter Set of Brushes comes with a lovely pouch to hold all my magical wands.
As if getting 3 sets of magical brushes are not enough, I ordered a 4th set that is simple cause I like the shade of the "bulu". And I only have one face. How many make up brushes can a girl have (just like lipsticks) 💄

Out of curiosity I also ordered a silicone beauty blender which is like the latest rave right now. There are many pros and cons in using this product.

 You can research more on you tube as many beauty bloggers have also shared their experiences on you tube.

It is a rubber-like texture that is non-absorbent and bouncy. 
Honestly I still prefer using a sponge. This is like rubbing plastic on my face. 

Have you tried any new beauty products lately? Share with me.


  1. u can see in Sephora: Tarte so so nice