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Friday, June 2, 2017

NOW IN SEASON Australian Fruits and Vegetables Produce

Buying delicious Australian fruits and vegetables are super easy these days.
Now! In Season Premium quality and fresh Australian produce like grapes, potatoes, carrots and onions can easily be found at all Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Aeon and Isetan KL. The products are fresh, safe and premium in terms of quality.
I especially love their grapes. So nice and juicy.
Time to bring home these fresh goodies and see what hocus pocus magic mom cooks up!

Presenting to you, mom's colourful Australian broccoli and carrots platter. What a great burst of colours as she topped it up with mushrooms and corn.
 The broccoli is super fresh and very crunchy. Check out the vibrant green.
Mom added the Australian Potatoes to her Curry Chicken Dish. The potatoes were cut into smaller cubes and compliments this dish so well.

Here's 3 cheers to the Ultimate Gift of Health.
For more info log on to Now In Season Malaysia

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