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Friday, June 2, 2017

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: The Lost World of Tambun and Hot Springs

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Here's sharing with you some magnificent shots I took during my recent trip to the Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh.
I was lost for words when I first stepped in. It's huge and breath taking, surrounded by hills and scenic mountains. 
There were seats everywhere for people to chill and relax. This is one of my favourite spot! Right next to one of the Hot Springs Pool.
There were even seats built on these grounds. Definitely something different!
A walk down this lane where the eatery is reminds me of a glimpse of China Town
Some of the food sold at the China Town-looking makan area.
Sand by the beach. Children with their families having fun building sandcastles.

Make sure you put on some sun screen lotion before playing.

It's a kid's paradise and adults too! Here's a peek at some of their interesting rides.
Wheeeeee I'm flying!

I did not play any of the games but instead too a ride in one of these van-like transport that carries me around for some good old sight seeing. I was luckly to be able to make it for the last ride at 5.30pm.

Caught a glimpse of these beautiful sight along the way. Come, let me bring you on a tour.

My favourite shot during the ride.

Flamingo sightings

Do you see what I see? One weird tall looking rock in the middle of the mountains

So I stayed on past 6pm and was looking forward for a dip at the Hot Springs. Imagine relaxing in a warm tub of water that has healing properties.
So as the late evening approaches, these lanterns were lit up and the view changed.
The China Town area was beaming with lights
One of their stalls sell their very own in house brand of White Coffee and Ceylon Milk tea. Hey, the taste is not bad at all.

As it gets dark, I started to get hungry and was on the hunt for food. At another corner I found a kebab stall and coffee stall. Time for some energy and power up before I take a dip in the hot springs.

It's RM11 for a kebab.

After filling my tummy I walked around to explore again and saw some kids enjoying themselves with a bike ride.
Looks like these kids really know how to have fun.

When night falls guests also were entertained by some fire dance performance with some super loud music to keep the night alive.

 Playing with fire performance

So here comes the best part of this blogpost. Finally I am in heaven! hot springs moment. I have been waiting for this for the longest time.
Check out the night view. In my earlier pictures, you will see this same spot but in a different limelight. I am loving the night view filled with spectacular colours.

Vibrant colours everywhere and this is my favourite shot at night!

The water here is of a normal temperature for your body to cool down in between the hot springs where temperature of water can be as high as 42 degrees.

This is so awesome. So a word of caution if this is your first time jumping into a hot springs.
Do not stay in the hot water for too long as it will cause dizziness. When you feel that you can't breathe, step out. Let your body cool down a little and take a dip again. I was surprised not many people know this when I started talking to some of the visitors who were taking a dip with me at the hot pool.

Me and my buddies having a splashing good time at the Hot Springs. It was our first time ever and we were all so excited.

Feeling cheeky. Wearing my naughty nurse shirt I bought from Thailand here for some memorable pictures.
Cool down with water pouring down from this waterfall. Step in for a great water massage!
And lastly toys as souvenirs before leaving.
Here are the ticket rates for both the parks. If you are a Malaysian Citizen, just pay RM65 to gain entry into the Lost World of Tambun. You can stay on till after 6pm to enjoy the Hot Springs facilities. 
If you're planning to just enjoy the hot springs, then you will only need to pay RM40 to gain entry 6pm onwards. Remember the Hot Springs only opens at 6pm.
For ticket enquiries directly with Lost World of Tambun Customer Service, you may also call 05-542 8888. They are super helpful in advising you on ticketing info or log on to their ticketing website to score some awesome online deals.
Special thanks to Travelog for my day of fun at the Lost World of Tambun and Hot Springs.

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Me and my girlfriends took up a room at the Sunway Lost World Hotel for the night and here's a glimpse of the room. It's very spacious and clean. Love the interior, lighting and comfort of the room.

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Hope you enjoyed reading my post with lots of beautiful pictures and I do hope you find this post useful when planning a trip there with your loved ones.  *wink 😉


  1. Always a pleasure reading your blog.. Definitely an insight for my upcoming trips. Specially the pics :)

    1. Glad I provided you with a deeper insight for you to plan ahead. Thanks for the feedback.