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Sunday, May 28, 2017

THREE Cosmetics, birth of a new sophiostication

On a bright Friday morning, I attended the launch if THREE's new Angelic Base Make Up Collection at a beautiful undiscovered venue (for me) at the Wei Ling Contemporary at the Gardens Mall. It's a perfect place so serene, quiet and exquisite for the launch event.

First let me introduce to you,THREE, the brand. Made in Japan. 
This brand believes in achieving the right balance for the mind, body and skin.
Their new collection brings out the true beauty and your personality through three of their hero products.
Let me introduce to you THREE's Angelic Complexion Primer.
The primer comes in 5 colours and is a comfortable colour-adjusting primer made with 80% naturally derived ingredients to bring out your natural and beautiful translucent skin.
I have tested all the colours on my skin and I find that each colour plays a different role, depending what your concerns are. 

(01) PINK PETAL - It injects a fresh, pure colour to pale complexion so that skin appears more lively.

(02) JUST PEACHY - This vivid tone helps to relieve skin from yellowness and dullness.

(03) - YELLOW ROSE - This colour helps to tone down redness and dullness.

(04) - MINTY FROTH - Skin with severe redness is readjusted to a neutral state, so that skin can have that healthy glow once more.

(05) - APRICOT BLOSSOM - This is more suitable for darker skin tones and helps to brighten up a darker complexion and reduces skin dullness for a healthier appearance.

For me, I would go for the MINTY FROTH to cover my redness on my cheek because I have sensitive skin. Such amazing colours. Aren't they a pretty sight! Each retails at RM183 (30g)
Next, after the primer comes THREE's ANGELIC SYMBIOSIS FOUNDATION
This foundation delivers a smooth, radiant and matte finish. Its powdery gel-like foundation easily absorbs into skin and blends so well.  It harmonizes beautifully with the primer and refines our entire complexion to reveal a new sophistication. Using this, we do not need any loose powder to set it as it already has a powdery effect as finishing. Priced at RM 236 (30g) each.
It comes in 4 different tones:
(01) WINSOME WATER LILY for fair complexions.
(02) DEAREST DAHLIA for medium toned complexions
(03) MAGNIFICENT MAGNOLIA for slightly darker complexion and
(04) CAPTIVATING CAMELLIA for darker skin tones.

For my skin tone, I pick (02) Dearest Dahlia.
The third hero product is called the THREE Radiant Invisible Wand which is a slim stick-like concealer that cleverly hides blemishes and imperfections in a natural, long-lasting finish.It doesn't dry out your skin as it contains radiant oil which is included in this paraben-free formula. Priced at RM166 each.

And there you go...three of THREE's Hero products to complete your full make up look.

There were also some amazing lipstick-like packaging that houses beautiful eye colours from THREE.
The highlight of the day was Yuta Sato, THREE's official make up specialist who flew in from Japan.
 Yuta Sato demonstrates on a model the use of THREE Cosmetics and how to bring out the model's glow and radiance with the right make up technique.
 Members of the media from various publication were at the launch.
Famous and beautiful bloggers at the event.
 Amanda and Careena striking a pose with Yuta Sato San.
 How can I miss a photo opportunity with him too.

 Three Cosmetics can be found at THREE STORE at Level 4, Pavilion, KL, ISetan, Lot 10 and The Gardens.

For more info about Three cosmetics, log on to their facebook page at
Follow them on their official instagram page at


Made in Japan, THREE products are based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin. It actively supports the skin by boosting its natural mechanism to enhance the skin to become what it was born to be.  Under the lead of its makeup Creative Director, Rie Omoto, who is a New York-based makeup artist, the brand boasts a complete, beautiful skincare and makeup line with finest ingredients, texture and quality.  THREE makeup also known as second layer of skin care can give our skin double protection from dryness and dullness.  To accomplish this, THREE has taken particular note of the powers of essential oils and other plant-based ingredients.  The power of nature is proven. Nothing can beat the gift from Mother Nature.

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