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Friday, May 5, 2017

Our Little 2D1N Bangkok Adventure

We have been wanting to go on a trip together for the longest time. We planned this trip one year ahead and finally the day has come! We were all super excited. It's our first trip together, all the 6 of us. See our happy faces before boarding the flight.
We took Air Asia in the wee hours in the morning, hence the dark sky before sunrise. The night before we were all too excited sampai some did not even sleep a wink*. I myself slept at 9pm and woke up by 1am. We have to be at the airport by 4am to catch the 6am flight. It was all worth it and I will share with you our short little Bangkok trip's adventures.
All getting ready to board. Pandai Miss Goo posing (second from the front)
Up! Up! Here we go! Watching the beautiful sunrise from above the clouds. 
What a spectacular view!

First stop - Chatuchak
The last time I flew to Bangkok, I landed at the other airport, the Suvarnahbhumi Airport. But this time I landed at the Don Muang Airport when Air Asia changed its landing airport not too long ago. The difference was that at Suvarnahbhumi Airport you could take the BRT straight out to Bangkok City. At the  Don Muang Airport there was no BRT that links us straight to Bangkok City Centre. We had to either take a cab or the bus. For 6 pax, the quote given to us to take a (van) was about 900 Baht. We decided to take the bus which cost is only 30 Baht each. 6 pax only at 180 Baht. We took the bus A1 and it was every 5 mins and took us straight to Chatuchak. We're not complaining.
 The bus looks like this and was already waiting for passengers.
Our bus ride was a memorable one for we have not taken a bus together (Well at least not in KL) Selfie time! One of our colleague's luggage with 4 wheels rolled right to the bus driver's front and it startled him. Initially I thought he was cursing, but he turned out to be laughing. The bus driver and conductor was very friendly and helpful. They told us where we could get down. 
So, you must be wondering with all these luggages how do we walk around?
Well, my good friend found (through her research) that you can park your luggage at one of the shops inside Metro mall for a small fee. About 20 Baht per luggage only. Hence after leaving our belongings behind we walked Chatuchak for almost 3 hours before calling it quits as our legs began to feel tired and sore from all the walking. 
Our Makan Journey in Thailand has begun! We had Tom Yum and Pad Thai.

Enjoying the ice cool Coconut and Mango Ice Cream
Cute hangers spotted at Chartuchak
After walking the Chatuchak we took a cab and all 6 of us crammed into one cab. It was indeed a super memorable moment too. Selfie again!
Lemon Tea Hotel
This was where we stayed, Lemon Tea Hotel in Bangkok.
The front desk with super friendly and attentive staff.
A cosy corner at the lobby.
This hotel is just a stone's throw away from Platinum Mall. From the hotel, it's about 10 minutes walk to Platinum Mall.
This hotel was highly recommended by my gf Jackie and so happen my friends booked here. The hotel is clean and the staff are super friendly. Our check in was hassle free. I would rate this hotel 5 stars!!!! For more info on this hotel log in to their website at You won't regret it! 
The view from my room.

This hotel has so many great instagrammable worthy areas.
 We were taking photos like crazy. Here are some of the beautiful artistic shots we took.

Macam "SAM PAT"

We went upstairs to have a look at their cafe and such a pretty sight greeted us, with natural lighting so great for shots and with tons of mini cactuses lined up. This is yet another super instagrammable moment.

The below images was another neighbouring hotel. I jumped in and took some photos cause the place is filled with toys! How cute!
And so we made our way to Platinum Mall and here are some sights along the way.

I love how practical their trolley bags are and it's not expensive. Close to 350 Baht each only.
Nearby Cafe cum Hotel minum kopi.
At the porch of the cafe. Nice place to chill.

Jalan-Jalan Cuci Mata Shopping. This Snow White Dress is so cute. I wish I had a darling little daughter now, where I could dress her up.

We travelled around in style. In a tuk tuk with the wind blowing into our faces.
Right across the street was our other friends.

We invaded BIG C
Check out our trolley that's being filled to the max.
My friend recommended some salted toothpaste from Colgate and I ended up buying four boxes. I also bought lemon flavoured Darlie toothpaste and lemon flavoured Listerine. When I shop I usually buy things that are unique and I cannot get back at my place. Look what I found! Condensed milk in a tube form and honey too! How convenient!
Honey from 7 Eleven and Teapot is from BIG C.
Cute bread packaging sighted at 7 Eleven. I also bought a lot of balms.

Time for Massage
Plenty of massage near our hotel to choose from and it's always full house. We picked Foot Haven.

And this was my masseur. She was awesome! I hear my bones Clack Clack
My friends were enjoying themselves.

Platinum Mall
Next day we visited and concentrated our shopping at Platinum Mall where they have everything under one roof.
Too cute. I wanna be Sailor Moon.
Inspired by Lady Gaga?

Creative T-Shirts
Uhhhhhh I just drool at these. The last time I never get, then regret. So in the end I bought a piece for 350 Baht. Buy 3 at 300 Baht. Guess which one I bought? Hint: Doctor's Helper. Now to think when can I wear this. Hmmm.. Halloween maybe?
Feast your eyes on FOOD! Smacked right outside Platinum Mall are rows of stalls that you can eat till your heart's content! Probably some short term food fair.

Huge hot dogs

 More Random Selfie back at the hotel.

 Overall it was a short but fun trip! 
I had a great time hanging out with them. It was a memorable first outing together.
More trips to come. YEAH! ✌


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