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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day at Naughty Nuri's

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mothers in the world!🌏

This year's Mother's Day was extra special because...
I won a dinner for 6 with my family at Naughty Nuri's. What a great way to celebrate Mother's Day with a Feast to Remember!
It was a full house at Naughty Nuri's on Mother's Day!

The front porch was beautifully decorated with balloons, setting the mood for Mother's Day.

The scene at Naughty Nuri's Life Centre.Talented staff serenade us with their singing, song and dance. 

Mothers in the house were being presented flowers. How thoughtful!

Two beautiful MOMs celebrating Mother's Day.
The menu we had for the day! I will share pictures of the food later in this blogpost.
Winners from Naughty Nuri's Mother's Day Contest receiving their sponsored prize from Naughty Nuri's and Black Paint Skin Care (Natural Organic skincare from Kyoto, Japan)
A BIG Congratulations to Victor Wong and Mom.
Here is Jessica Chin with her family.

And Mom and I - All smiles, receiving our special gifts. Thank you Naughty Nuri's. We were thrilled to receive news on our winnings the night before.

This is indeed a the greatest gift of all! What a memorable Mother's Day it was for us this year. To not only celebrate with my own parents but also with my aunt and her daughter,my cousin. Uniting two families at Naugty Nuri's Dinner table.

My cousin giving her mom a peck on the cheek.

The winners enjoying their food with their families. What a night to remember!

Naughty Nuri's is famous for their tantalizing Signature BBQ Spare Ribs. The sauce is to-die-for. The meat is tender and soft and melts in my mouth.

We also tried the Lavender Crispy Porky Salad which was super appetising with it's flavourful fruity/sourish and sweet dressing. 
Next we tried the Notorious Beef Short Ribs with rice.
and also the Ayam Bertutu.
Naughty Nuri's BBQ Pork Chop. Yup! It's all about Oink! Oink! here.
Next we had the Indonesian Style Mee Goreng and Lemongrass Ginger Fizz that was oh! so thirst quenching.
Naughty Nuri's BBQ Satay Lilit

For dessert we tried the Mt. Buleleng Inspired Sizzling Bacon Chocolate Cake which was so rich and oozing with chocolate.

Something special I observed on that day! When you order their Twisted Martini's their staff will begin to dance and shake away with some funky music and it ends with some OINKERS Signature Tune! How cool is that! 

A group picture for remembrance.
And more memorable pictures for us to treasure the moment.

Thank you Naughty Nuri's for a wonderful Mother's Day celebration this year and a night to remember! 

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Right now they are having the Weekday 50% Lunch promotion. Mondays  - Fridays from Lunch hour to 3pm. Happy OINK-ing!

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