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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Food Trail to Pandamaran, Klang - Kang Yuen Seafood

My parents and I usually head to Pandamaran in Klang, specifically to this Restaurant Kang Yuen Seafood for some of our favourite dishes. This is a home cooked style restaurant that charges reasonably and is not commercialised.  We noticed some shops are flooded with people but this place seems quieter. Some Chinese believe that when you see a restaurant tak ada orang or with less people, you will usually avoid or pick one that is crowded because the food is good. Well, I can tell you that this is not the case. The food here is reasonable and nice (but minus the crowd)

A lot of houses or rather shop houses in Klang is used for small businesses like these. It is a home and also converted into a restaurant. I kinda like the idea coming to these kind of places where the food is more authentic. We are from PJ and for the love of food we do travel quite a bit in search for our foodie adventure.

 The Fried Lala Mee Hoon is awesome. Its fragrantly stir fried with tiny and it's not the soggy kind. Loved this and it's my dad's favourite dish. Must try!

We also ordered the Fried Hor Jien. But the Hor Jien (Oysters) were replaced with Lala. I didn't mind cause I prefer Lala than Oysters. The egg fried with the lala is crispy and aromatic. Thumbs up too for this dish!

Next we ordered the sweet and sour crabs. Crabs are priced at RM85 per kilo. Small - Medium sized crabs (about 3 crabs for 1 kilo). 
The restaurant does not serve bread or man tau so if you want to dip it with the sauce, it's best to bring your own bread. I remember in the past we got one of the staff to cycle to a nearby shop to buy us some bread. How nice of them!

OK! After being pampered and eating bigger crabs (XXXL) in other restaurants, I do get a bit disappointed with the size of the crabs here. Some how it's not as fulfilling as the ones I have as big as my fist. The crabs here are small to medium size but the taste is good.
Our bill came up to about RM128.00 for 4 dishes and tea (minus a vegetable dish which I did not include in here). I find it rather reasonable and the food tastes great! That's what matters most.

For those who are interest to give this place a try which I find is less commercialised, waze or google your way to Jalan Young. The full address is at the name card below.
Happy Food Hunting!

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