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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Cameron Trip (Part 3)- Strawberry Farm and Cactus Point

Here is my Malaysian Travel Adventure Story for the TRAVELOKA Blogger Contest. 

Malaysia is simply awesome, amazing and incredible! Malaysia is my home and has so many great local places that are unexplored. Can you imagine this view with valleys and mountains high up is actually in Malaysia? These days I prefer to plan my holidays locally and this month we did our family vacation at Cameron Highlands. Can you believe it, my mom, dad and brother all have not been to Cameron all their lives! 
This is my first visit to a Strawberry Farm. Strawberries grow like this! 

Visitors can have an option to pick their strawberries by paying a certain fee.

There are plenty of Strawberry Farms in Cameron Highlands. We picked BIG RED STRAWBERRY FARM. 

I took some time to admire the beautiful plants and flowers around the strawberry farm too.
There was an area where I was captivated by rows of hydroponic plants being grown without soil. All the vege looks so fresh.
Some fully grown vegetables.
And vegetables that are still in its infancy stage. Lots of patience required for it to grow fully. Therefore appreciate your greens please when you eat it.

Mom and I posing among some flowers sighted at the farm. It's indeed a beautiful sight!
Walking around halfway, there were a vending machine stuffed with toys.
At the souvenir shop, plenty of strawberry related food items were on sale.
From Strawberry drinks, to strawberry chocolates, cookies ...etc
After walking around so much, we rested and took a bite at the mini cafe where they sell all things strawberries and vegetables.
 We ordered the strawberry milk shake, priced at an affordable RM5.90 per cup. It was remarkable as it was not too sweet and bursting with strawberry flavour. Brother ordered his favourite waffles topped with strawberry jam and some whipped cream. It was also really good. Mom ordered a bowl of fresh green salad, priced at RM5.90 (no refills)
Remember these? I trust they pluck these out to sell (salad bowl) and it's super fresh! Looking at these also make my mouth water already. The salad bar consist of a mixture of these vegetables, fresh from the farm.

A walk around Brinchang we could see many small hotels around.

The next morning close to 7.30am, my brother woke me up to this spectacular view from our hotel's balcony overlooking the misty valleys and mountains. FYI I stayed at the Corpthorne Apartments on the highest level, Level 4.
It looks like I melancong to somewhere in China. When I shared this photo with friends, they couldn't believe that this is in Malaysia.
By 8am, my brother alerted me again and said "Look sis! the scene has changed. There is now a sunrise. Quick take some more shots. It's a different scene now"
The scenery was just breathtaking. I could stare all day. This was so surreal, so dream-like!

For breakfast,we headed to a nice looking coffee shop near our hotel and I was introduced to strawberry white coffee. The shop owner even taught me where to buy (near Kea Farm Hotel) and how to make a good cup of white coffee.
It was from a 3-in-1 sachet but he added one teaspoon of condensed milk, then add a bit of hot water, and followed by about four pours of white low fat milk. I came back and terus bancuh at work today and I had the formula right! It tastes soooooo good. Treated my colleagues and boss to some.
Now at the cofffee shop there was this cute dog that was ever so friendly. I could only take his picture. When I tried to selfie with him, he ran away.

Next we visited one of the largest place that sells cactus. It's called Cactus Point.
While walking in, I saw these cute little glow-in-the-dark deco items. The fortune cat and the fish caught my eye.

Cactus World
Look at all these huge cactuses! Big or small, take your pick! Some are as big as my head!
Mom and my brother picking out the right cactus for our aunt.

How unique. It comes with a hat top.

I bought this and the one below because I just love to see flowers growing out from the cactus.

This cactus macam ada cili growing out from the plant itself. But these are supposed to be its flowers.

A prickly affair
We headed to Ipoh thereafter for our lunch. On the way be bought some honey from the orang Asli by the road side.
Our family vacation did not end there. After makan at Ipoh we headed to Genting Highlands to visit the new much talked about Sky Avenue. Since it opened its doors a few months ago I never got the chance to visit the new place yet. It was a tiring yet fulfilling weekend. More trips to come soon (Fingers crossed) ✌✌✌✌

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