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Monday, April 17, 2017

My Cameron Trip (Part 2)

 The famous Smoke House Hotel and Restaurant in Cameron. Too bad I could only look from afar as it was closed for a private function when we arrived. Such a beautiful place. Serene and quiet. Caught a glimpse of a bride and groom taking pictures around here. 

Could not even get in to have a closer view. My brother was lagi disappointed. High Class boy wanted to have his scones here but too bad. Timing was not right. They asked us to come back on Sunday. We never got to go back.
 Just opposite the Smoke House there lived a jungle of greenery that is home to many flora.

 What lovely flowers. I took time to capture some and admire their colours and beauty.
FYI, the Smoke House's Operational Hours. Without wasting too much time there, next we checked in to the Copthorne Hotel. We stayed at the apartement area where there were two rooms and could accommodate 4 of us with 2 bedroom. We paid about RM320 for a night there. The view is spectacular.
The view overlooking Brinchang Valley

 The Masterbedroom. It looked cosy but mom and dad could not sleep a wink cause of bed bugs. They complained the bed macam git bed bugs and made them itch all over. Probably the comforter or bed sheets were not cleaned properly.
 On the other hand, me and my brother had a good night sleep on these single beds.
 My favourite part of this trip was visiting the KEA FARM along the main road to Tringkap. Kea Farm is a famous vegetable market where there's so much to see.

Mom shopping for cactus
The many types of cactus in all sizes found here. You would think here plenty of variety. Wait till you see my Cactus Point photos.
 Me shopping for various types of tea. I am a sucker for fruity tea.
Strawberries are everywhere!

 And also ubi (Sweet Potato)
 Strawberry Souvenirs

 Dried Flowers in many colours. 
Cars are parked in almost every corner. You will be lucky if you could get a spot. It's a busy area where many do their shopping. I even see Japanese tourists here hunting for honey.

 Tons of fresh vegetables fresh from harvest sold here.
 The cutest carrots I have ever seen.
 Huge BeetRoot and very affordable. Bought 3 huge biji for RM7
 Some funny looking fruit that looks like an apple and it says Jambu here. That means guava. I call this an apple-like guava. No idea how it taste like. Did not buy. 
 However, my little brother bought this adorable wolf-like hat. Don't we look cute together?

Part 3 Coming right up!

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