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Monday, April 3, 2017

Art of Style with Denise Ng

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A few weeks ago, I attended the Art of Style course with Denise Ng, the founder and Managing Consultant of Singapore image consultancy, Imago Image
I was happy to learn from this reknown style guru who has more than 18 years of International experience as an image and fashion consultant to major corporations and clientele across the region. Her wealth of personal experience is certainly extraordinary and meeting this beautiful and humble lady means so much to me.
Denise Ng, a lady with poise and utmost elegance. I am honoured to meet and learn from her. I may not know too much about style before this and I was certain after attending her course, it would enhance my personal brand and help me in my personal development in terms of grooming and image. We all want to move forward and improve for the better, don't we? Here, I would like to share some of my learning from this guru.

The following slide is sooooo sooooo true. We tend to dress differently on different occasions. We may dress down on certain occasions and dress up according to our social circles. I totally agree with that! I tend to dress to blend in depending who I am hanging out with. When I hang out with some "more sophisticated friends" or attend some special events, I tend to dress up to the nines. And I do dress down when I am with my childhood friends whom I have known for years, I feel more comfortable with that.
The course was very interactive. We had tasks to complete. It wasn't just a one way traffic and it's not all about theory. The first part of the course, participants were give a stack of fashion magazines and we had to pick styles that appeal to us. I loved this exercise as it helped me gain insight into who I was and this exercise helps reveal so much more about ourselves which I was not even aware of. 
Participants finding their style with the different magazines. 
There was a lot of cutting and pasting going around.

Each of us were given the opportunity to present what sense of style that appeal to us.
From there it's like fortune telling and Denise can reveal our preferences, likes and personality, It's like magic! I am impressed! Each of us have fashion personalities and preferences and that's what make us unique.

Aniqah with her montage. Very stylish picks.

Daisy with her montage. She loves the classic look.

Yoke Thoo shared with us her preference for all things simple and not over the top.
And this was my mood board. I love all things colourful, bright and chirpy and I was told I am a summer girl! Oh yeah! And I love blings too.
The next exercise we did was to match relevant styles and accessories from Denise's deck of cards and later we moved on to real thing- Matching wardrobe with accessories. We were asked to bring some of our attire and accessories. I gained invaluable advise from Denise.

Check out our pool of accessories. The right accessories will make you stand out!

Here she picked a simple bubble-like necklace to go with my white top that also look like it has bulat-bulat holes. This accessory goes well with this top.
Below: A bright pink flower for as an accessory to brighten up one's wardrobe.
Matching another piece of accessory with another top.

We ladies really had a great time picking and matching our outfits with the right accessories. 
We have our sifu here to give us tips and advice.

Next was all about picking the right shoes, cut and colour. the tip here is to avoid low boot cut shoes if you have short legs. Picking a neutral shade like your skin tone will help make your legs look longer.

Denise adding a sense of touch to enhance the overall look.
Look mom! I made some new friends. I was amazed that even Image Consultants like themselves attend Denise's class.  We all come from different backgrounds and hope to learn and improve ourselves from time to time and learn from the best!
Daisy posing in my top. Something which she claims she will never buy. This course also help us move out of our comfort zone and explore different styles.

We're all graduates!

Matching dress, accessory and even shoes! (I pinjam Yoke Thoo's shoes) She has excellent taste in shoes which I love so much. Her choices are style with comfort.

We both love bright colours. We're the dramatic kind!

Overall, I learnt so much in one single day intensive course. It was a super fruitful day with tons of styling tips. For more details, log on to or for future courses and workshops. Learning from the best! you won't regret it!

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