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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

28 Mall's mini event How to Take Great Selfies

28Mall, Malaysia's online shopping mall for genuine brands hosted a mini event on "How to Take Great Selfies" with a special guest, Patrick Low, an award winning photographer and World’s 1st 3D Master. It was a full house last night, attended by bloggers and some of its loyal members.I have attended one of their past event. Feel free to read on my past blogpost on what is 28 Mall  here

Fione Tan, 28 Mall's founder giving an introduction to what is 28 Mall all about and what it offers to the members and guests.

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 I am a fan of their imported coffee capsules from Italy. I believe you ca't find this easily outside at the retail, but it's easily available at 28 Mall with a click of a button.
 I love to try new things and for a change from my usual Nescafe Dolce Gusto Capsules, I tried these which were compatible with my Dolce Gusto Coffe Machine. The pricing is also almost the same about RM35 per pack plus it's an imported brand. Hence I did not mind forking out a couple of dollars more and I get to try these without going to Italy.
Below are other coffee capsules for another coffee machine type, Nespresso.
I spotted another item that interests me. I exchanged this Ginger Tea with less than 5 HB Dollar from my days of logging in and accumulating more HB Dollars. I buy and exchange my HB Points for interesting items that are not easily available outside.
 Genuine beauty products are also sold there with some HB Dollars (as discounts) given back as you purchase.
 Beautiful Mask Pieces from Taiwan held in a beautiful swan-like box.

 These masks tells a story with their visuals. How interesting. 
Fione Tan, the founder of also shared her future plans for her online shopping platform. You can even buy a house or a car in future via 28Mall.
 Next Patrick Low took over the stage to share some of his experience and tips on how to take great selfies. Some of his tips include:
1) Always turn your face towards the light for greater picture
2) Look for window lights for the best natural lighting effects
3) Turn body sideways for a better perspective
4) Chin Up, look straight to avoid double chin
 Looking up or down, standing right

 Some of his poses during his presentation. Funny guy!

 Sitting the right way. Crossing your legs the right way will help elongate your body in pictures. Patrick Low sharing a good way to sit while crossing your legs.
 Sexy pose. He's gonna kill me when he sees this photo of him which he sayz cannot take pic ah....
He advises us to invest in a monopod to hold the selfie stick and with a timer to take beautiful selfies. And always take the selfies further away from the face if not nanti look like Shrek. What a humorous guy.
Don't take selfies too close up or you'll end up looking like Shrek, he says. 
 A further away shot always look better.
What do you think? 

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Coming soon: 20 April (Thu) 7 -10pm
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Venue: eOneNet at Level 36, menara UOA Bangsar (Bangsar LRT Station)
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