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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tried and Tested: Eyebrow Stamp

Many friends have asked me about my Eyebrow Stamp. I came across a video on Facebook where a gf tagged me. You can actually buy these from the Shopee App or go to where it's reasonably priced. Just search Eyebrow Stamp and a list of items across various price range and brands will pop up. Take your pick. I got mine for less than RM20. It's that easy! I find it quite interesting to use too and it works! Check out my video from my instagram here (Demo 1) and here (Demo2)
There are two colours to choose from. This is a darker brown shade. I bought both shades actually. The video shows me trying out the darker shade. The pack comes with 2 eyebrow shaped stamps. Take your pick. One is thicker and one is thinner. One is also quite straight like the Korean eyebrows. 
For a change, investing in this gave me a totally different new look with new eyebrow shapes. What do you think?
Below: Me all made up minus the brow stamp and without any eyebrows drawn.
After the eyebrow stamp. 
Here's a before and after side by side.

Tag me and show me your pictures if you have purchased it and stamped it! I wanna see!!!

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