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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Road to Rejuvenation at Mandara Spa Sunway Resort Hotel

Here's my path to rejuvenation at the Mandara Spa at Sunway Resort Hotel. From the main lobby of the Sunway Resort Hotel, take the lift down to Level 5. It was an open air walk for about 10mins to reach Mandara Spa. I still remembered that day I went it was raining quite heavily. The concierge at the hotel offered me a huge umbrella and thus began my walk towards the much acclaimed spa. Halfway I decided to just walk on my bare feet and took off my shoes as there were puddles of water everywhere. I asked myself why did I choose a rainy day to go to an open area for spa. Was it worth it? Find out more later.

You will pass by a pool once you come out from the glass door at Level 5
What a beautiful sight! This was taken after a rainfall. I walked past these "Villas" while finding my way there.
It's an open jungle-like area. Back to nature.
A sign that I was on the right track.

Finally I made it and reached the doorsteps of the Mandara Spa, drenched in rain water. It was quite a heavy downpour and I was like oh no! I could not take beautiful shots. BTW these pics were taken after the rain (after my massage session). Notice the wet floor and fallen leaves.

A comfortable reception area greeted me.
I was offered a towel to first dry myself. They offered me the spa menu to choose what I wanna do. I took up the Balinese Massage for 1 hour and 20mins, priced at RM330.

Spa menu. More details here
I was offered some tea while waiting for my therapist.

I was given some oil scents to choose. I took a relaxing one.

These are for body scrubs (which I did not do) Nicely presented on the table.
I walked out to the open area once again with this spectacular sight. The air was fresh after a downpour.

Rooms were given individual names of related to plants or flowers (I can't recall vividly)

Here's my private massage room. Cozy with a sofa by the side.

I love the fact that you have your own personal cupboard right there to put all your personal belongings. There's even a safe! The room is spacious.
I was told to change into a sarung which I did!

My therapist is from East Malaysia. The massage was a bit too mild for me as I do massages every month and I can take the slightly more pressure. Even after telling her to do it harder I still find it too mild. I was told that the Balinese Massage I took is more for "relaxing".  Hmmm somehow I did not buy that! I should have taken the Muscle Ease Massage instead (as recommended by the front desk after my feedback on the massage session). I wonder how will that turn out. 

Stepping out from the room after a 1 hour 20 mins "Relaxing massage" I was greeted by this beautiful greenery.  I don't mind waking up to this everyday.

Walking back to the reception area I took some time to browse through their display of products. Mandara Spa carry this skincare brand called Elemis from UK.

This was the sight looking back while walking out after my massage session.
Walking through the greenery path and heading back to the hotel. The air smells pine fresh after a shower.

Goodbye Mandara Spa. I may see you again soon. Next round I will try the Muscle Ease Massage. Will update it here once I have experienced it. Let's see.....
For the price you're paying, the ambience and facility is really good. But for the massage, I have experienced better.
Can you see my glow after the massage?

For reservations at Mandara Spa Sunway Resort Hotel, call 03-7495 2080
More details here


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  2. This Mandara spa looks nice and exciting. We'll visit this soon.