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Friday, March 17, 2017

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Port Dickson

So when was the last time you've been to Port Dickson?
I used to go there when I was in my teens when my parents brought me and my siblings for affordable cuti-cuti Malaysia. And tiba-tiba my dad said to me this year that he would like to revisit Port Dickson once again after so many years for our family vacation.

I stayed at the Grand Lexis Port Dickson courtesy of Star Media Group who hosted their 45th Anniversary Giveaway and the prize I won was a USD 100 Agoda Voucher worth RM400. We chose the garden pool villa room to accommodate up to 4 pax as it has a two king size bed. The charges is inclusive of taxes works up to about RM820 per night. Meaning I still have to top up RM420 for this room. I will share with you my point of view of this hotel.

One thing for sure the view here is spectacular. With killer views like these of course the rooms here are more expensive.  What I have learnt from walking around this area is that you've gotta find the right place and angle to capture really great shots. Not all areas are equally spectacular. So go find your spot. I have found mine and this is one shot that I would love to share it with you. I love the way the flowers are displayed on the sides. It makes the whole scene more romantic.
Here's an Ariel View of the Villas by the sea.
Even the walkways are so beautiful!
The room that I ordered is facing the garden area.
Nice Balinese themed deco and lots of green everywhere. I feel like I'm in Bali. Spacious Walkways...because the buggy passes through here, ferrying visitors to their "Villas".
I had to climb one floor up. But the view is spectacular too, facing the swimming pool. 
      And I have my own private swimming pool like this! How cool is that! More on this later.

Now, let's talk about the guests public swimming pool. From this photo it looks pretty huge, eh? But to my surprise when I was actually there, it ain't that big afterall (not at least to my expectations)! It's all about angle. The reason why I chose the Grand Lexis instead of The Lexis Hibiscus was because of the swimming pool. I initially thought it was REALLY HUGE!

But I must say, the landscaping is beautiful.

I got totally excited talking about swimming pools!!! I love to swim hence the pool is my main attraction.

 There is also a kids play area near the swimming pool.
Let's come back to the first impressions of the hotel.
This was the scene at 4pm where guests arrange to register to check in to their rooms (all at one go). I was earlier informed of their check in time to be at 4pm (which I find rather ridiculous)
The spacious lobby

The cosy corner at the waiting area near the lobby.
Lamp that looks like floating bubbles.
And so....after the crowd at the registration table, we had to brave ourselves for another round of crowd and waited for the buggy services to ferry us to our "Villas"
Fortunately the waiting time wasn't that long and I heard they have about 5 buggy cars who take turns bringing people to their destinations and all are just short trips. I waited for under 10 minutes.

Here's a first look that greeted us when we open the doors to our hotel room. I love the Japanese bed type (that's mounted to the floor) The bedsheets and pillows were super soft and comfy. However certain parts of the room seem to look a bit "old"
Notice the mini staircase in between the beds?

Here's a quick look at the toilet area. One word, spacious like a walk in wardrobe.

What I didn't quite like is the small bath and toilet compartments. I secretly wished it was an "open concept". All open as in no walls here there and in between.
The Pantry Area
The door on the left leads out to the private pool area.

At the corner of the private pool is an open shower area
My brother and I having a dip in the private pool. It's pretty relaxing I must say. This is my first time ever staying at a Villa type of hotel with my very own private pool. #feelingexcited.
Look at my brother. He is definitely enjoying life and having a good time. Thank goodness I have a sibling with me if not, it's no fun swimming alone.
And this was taken at night when i went for a night dip, I was certainly grateful for the private pool the where I can swim in privacy, even late at night.
Let's take you on a tour on the most beautiful part of the hotel, the Pool Villas.
Hanging Coconuts husk as flower pots

One of the setbacks when you stay at The Grand Lexis is that they do not have their own beach area. We had to walk and access to the beach at next hotel called The Lexis, which is also owned by the same group. The walk was about 8 minutes away. We were craving to feel the sandy beaches on our feet already....and rendam in some salt water. While walking to the beach area next door we noticed there were some outdoor games for the children like this.

And finally....the beach!!!!!!
What is Port Dickson without going to the beach.
After a nice walk by the sea, we drove out and went for dinner at this place recommended my my good friend, Muru who is a lecturer in Port Dickson. Too bad he had some emergencies and could not join us that night. When I asked Muru where can we eat in PD, he suggested this Restaurant called Chardin SeaView Restaurant. Muru said this place overlooks the sea and we can view the beautiful sunset while eating seafood and the food is awesome there.
The landscape that greeted us as we entered the seafood restaurant.
The restaurant looks grand and they host weddings here too.
Check out the stage and props.
This is what we ordered. Chilli Crab, Seong Tong Lala, Salted Yolk Mantis, Home Made Beancurd and deep fried buns to dip in the crab sauce. The taste was splended and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Watching the sunset by the sea and dining. Ahhhhhh Bliss!!! We stayed till quote late and the sky turned dark. It was drizzling. Before we headed back to the hotel, we went for teh tarik nearby.

Back at the hotel, I went and explore their many "hidden areas". I discovered a treasure trove for children. I am sure kids will love this place.It's like a huge gaming arcade.
This place is huge! This hidden gem will definitely bring joy and happiness to all the children. But sadly it's as quiet as a mouse. It's pretty late at night already. Maybe that's why.
Some of the activities list. Everything is money.
That's how they milk you.
Japanese Restaurant 
Expensive Karaoke Prices. Nope. I am not paying this kind of money here.
The interior and furnishings are beautiful and classy.
Lots of mirrors are used to create this effect.
The Bar/Lounge
I just took a peek and went off. Drinking was never my thing.
One of the shops that sells amazing looking floats that every girl dreams of. Imaging Instagramming with these!

The next morning, we had breakfast here.

They open the outdoor areas to accommodate the crowd over that weekend. There were some event or corporate seminars happening around.

The food wasn't that fantastic for the extra (About RM40) I paid. But I liked their considerate ways of preparing the food for vegetarians and food for kids too.

Well, that's all for now.Hope you enjoyed reading this looooooooooong post with a very neutral review on the good and bad and I hope to share my personal experiences with you staying at this hotel. Till my next travel! I shall write about my next trip to Cameron Highlands soon. Stay tuned!

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