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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pan Mee exploration in Serdang Raya

 My dad noticed I have been reviewing Pan Mee these couple of weeks and he brought me and my brother to a famous Pan Mee stall in Seri Kembangan over the weekend. He said a friend took him there and introduced this place to him and he find the Pan Mee there to his liking. Hence started our impromptu journey from PJ to Seri Kembangan on a Sunday morning to this Pan Mee place at Serdang. The shop is located along a row of shop houses and it's does not stand out much. Even the signage is pretty small. On the way there I did a google search and noticed not many reviews were done for this place. I told my brother after trying out this place, I will evaluate and see if they are as good as what my father says. Read on and you shall know my thoughts.
 The pricing was unbelievable! Where can you get a bowl of noodles for RM4.80 these days!
As quoted by my brother "Pan Mee with a twist" on his instagram account @james_yfk he is also a foodie at heart. There were 3 of us but  we ordered 4 bowls. We caught the uncle who was taking our orders by surprised. We ordered the usual Pan Mee (Dry). There were three kinds of noodles that you can choose from - thick, thin and the handpulled ones. I ordered the thin ones as I never like to take my pan mee in the thick noodle form and I always prefer it dry. The noodles came with a generous serving of minced meat. On first bite, the noodles were soft and nice and doesn't clump together. Next I had it with their chilli and guess what...

I automatically fell in love with their sambal chilli too. It has a tinge of sourness and sweetness that is a perfect match made in heaven and goes so well with the dry pan mee. It creates a strong appetite for me.
Next we tried the curry pan mee. Luckily we ordered this earlier as I heard it was sold out after 10 mins of my order. The curry is awesome!!!! Dad loved this! Another sold out Pan Mee which we did not get to try is the Dumpling Pan Mee.

One of their famous Pan Mee is the one with this meat. I noticed the older generation loves this and it certainly is one of a kind. It's called the Hakka Char Yoke Pan Mee. This is my father's favourite too. Took a bite. the meat is soft and tender. Thumbs up from me! So now you can see there are so many varieties of Pan Mee at this stall. Hope you get to try them all in your next food adventure. 

Earlier when we walked in we noticed many tables were still waiting for their noodles. Good food must wait loh...We waited for a good 20 minutes before our food arrived. Do expect a crowd and be patient.
This concludes my Pan Mee gastronomic adventure and here's wishing you Happy Food Hunting!

Pan Mee Char Chan Tian is located at
16, Jalan SR 3/3,
Taman Serdang Raya
43300 Seri Kembangan

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