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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Year, New Hair, New Me!

New Year, New Hair, New Me!
Yup! You've read it right!
I have always loved the concave bob cut. This was done, not at any fancy hair dresser but at a dry cut place near my office. All I wanted was fuss free and easy yet stylish to maintain hair. This look just did the trick. My hair cut was just RM17. Somehow with a little trim, it helped spice up my look for the new year. What about you? Did you get a hair makeover for CNY too? 

My brother introduced me to this thing called a wax colouring. Bought him a box from Shopee for under RM20 and today I was testing it out. The colour hair wax looks like this.
Hmmm...never knew hair wax in colour like these existed. I used to play around with mascara hair colour when it was launched many years ago by Dior I think. Am glad this comes in a huge tub for me to play around. The ash colour kind looks cool eh? Can't wait to see how will this look on my brother's hair. I could only do silver streaks or strands.

Looks like I was having fun playing around with it. Can't wait to get my hands of other colours I adore like blue and purple. Don't get alarmed when you see my hair transform to purple and blue. This is non permanent and washes away with shampoo. I have always been experimental for my hair. 
I find Gold looks super Ah Beng! Guys please don't ever put gold on your hair.
Right now I am looking for hair sponsors to do up my hair in Unicorn colours. I dare take the challenge. Did it once (paid for it) but it did not turn out as nice as my other blogger friends. 

Well, hope you have a great start this 2017! 
Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day too! (although a bit too early to wish) *wink

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