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Thursday, February 23, 2017

My top 3 picks for noodles in SS2/103

Talking about Pan Mee in my previous post, I would like to recommend you one of the best Handmade Pan Mee in my neighbourhood in SS2. At the corner of SS2/103 is this coffee shop called Restoran Hock Thai. It's usually flooded with people on Saturdays and Sundays in the mornings right up till lunch time. It is closed on Mondays.
The shop is usually quite packed on weekends catering to people from the neighbourhood.

On top of my list is this Handmade Pan Mee. It's one of the best Pan Mee I have ever eaten. I usually like my Pan Mee Dry.
They are quite generous with the minced meat. If you do not have enough ikan bilis, you may ask for an add on with a RM1 extra charge. Their ikan bilis is super crispy and rocks!
The best part for this Pan Mee is complimented with a good chili sambal. Topped with some lime squeezed into it, it completes the whole Pan Mee experience. 
For those who love soup you can also opt for the Pan Mee Soup. Their soup base is sweet and nice!
Here's a look at the Pan Mee (Pulled) handmade noodle texture. Its smooth texture glides in your mouth.  These days not many Pan Mee stalls offer pulled handmade ones cause it's a lot of work. I have seen their team of workers roll pre-made flour into balls before stretching and pulling it into a strip of noodle that looks like a tongue before cooking it. Sometimes when business is good, the wait can be up to ten bowls or more. 
This is the Pan Mee Stall located in the middle part of the stretch of stalls.
Some other Pan Mee Options they offer and their pricing.

My next favourite stall is the Claypot Loh Shu Fun. 
Sometimes I would eat this as an alternative to my favourite Pan Mee. This stall offers Loh Shu Fun made in the REAL CLAYPOT. 
Some stall operators sell Loh Shu Fun but they do it the easy way out- which is make it dry (kon lou) and just serve it in a claypot to look as if it's cooked in a claypot. 
Loh Shu Fun cooked in the REAL CLAYPOT is definitely more "heong" and when this arrived, it sizzles and the Uncle can be heard reminding us becareful of the hot claypot.
Also a very generous portion of minced meat and some meatballs. Also one of the best Claypot Loh Shu Fun I have eaten.
This stall's sambal chilli is also superb!

This is the Claypot Lou Shu Fun Stall located right at the back (next to the back gate).

Besides the Claypot Loh Shu Fun, this stall also sells Fish Paste noodle, Claypot Yee Mee and Prok Meat Noodles which I have not tried. I usually have my favourite three at this restaurant. Maybe I should be a little bit more adventurous,
These are the two best sambal chilli ever. The left is from the Calypot Loh Shu Fun Stall and the right one is from the Handmade Pan Mee Stall. I sometimes order from both stalls and do a mix and match of my own. 

I discovered this by chance many years ago. Having been to Sarawak a few times, I have only tried Kolo Mee and never knew the existance of Tomato Mee. To me, a Tomato Mee sounds geli. The image of eating noodles with a bottle of ketchup sprung to my mind.  When my girlfriend Cheng Bee ordered this one day when I took here here, I took a spoonful and tried. To my amazement it wasn't like how I imagined it at all! The ketchup was perfectly mixed with a lot of other ingredients and the taste was also enhanced. WOW! this is a simply must try. The noodles are fried, hence their texture is crunchy. Topped with the steamy hot special tomato sauce, this dish is super appetising. It has the right amount of sourness that makes it even more appetising. 

Here's the stall. Owned and run by a family from Sarawak, it's rather authentic. Now I don't have to fly to Sarawak for my Kolo Mee too! I have yet to try their Sarawak Laksa. Looking forward to that soon. Be sure to try out the Tomato Mee. Be adventurous. 

The friendly Aunty who made my Tomato Mee

Introduced my girlfriend, Hooi Khaw who is a foodist at heart and brought her to this place to enjoy my top 3 picks at this restaurant in SS2/103. Her verdict: Semua pun best!

Looking forward for more gastronomic adventure with you, Hooi Khaw.
So now you know what to try when you're at this restaurant at SS2/103.
Happy Food Hunting!

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