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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Budget Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
One month ago, my bestie asked if she could date me this Valentine's Day and I said YES! My Bff Lily Indra flies down from the UK and I only get to see her 3-4 years once.
I had so much to share with her and just can't wait to catch up with her again. I was planning a surprise for her. Here's how I "dated" her with a Valentine On A Budget. Celebrating Valentine's Day need not be expensive. There are tons of brands running contests. Join in the fun and win something for your Valentine without splurging too much. Afterall, it's the thought that counts, correct?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Lily Indra my bff and bestie, 
I really really miss you!
 I really really really wanted to get my gf a bouquet of roses. I figured she may not be able to carry fresh flowers home, hence I made her a bouquet with fake pink and white roses I bought from Kaison. I wrapped it up with a premium wrapper and topped it up with a Rilakkuma toy from Jalan Jalan Japan. Cantik tak?

I even topped it up with a nice little card with some personalized messages. I want it to be a memorable celebration for us

Valentine's Day is a celebration of LOVE, not just for couples or lovers, but every kind of friendship.  Valentine's this year marks our celebration of our long lasting friendship of more than 12 years. We may not be able to hang out or see each other as often as before but technology constantly keeps us connected. This year it's so special that my gf is physically back here. End of the day I decided to give her both, REAL and a FAKE Bouquet of flowers.
Look how happy she looks. I was happy I made her day!

Prior to making the DIY bouquet, I have been scouting around for affordable roses. I  came across which offers simple, affordable fresh flowers at RM42 (or sometimes more) a bouquet for a same day delivery. I have been stalking their pages daily and fell in love with some very unique bouquet. My favourite bunch is the first one dated 3 Feb 2017.  I love their combination of pink roses and some purple flowers. Which is your favourite? See their collection here

Here's their Valentine Bouquet

It must be my lucky day!
I found out that Uber was running a contest and I could win one of Happy Bunch's beautifully crafted roses that I admire so much. Hence, my I put on my contest mode and sprung in to action. I was trying to win a Valentine bouquet for my mom too! There were 30 bouquets to be won and I find the chances were quite good to win one, hence I started crafting my winning entry. I also shared this with some close friends and colleagues and guess what! All of them won a bouquet too! I am super happy that they each got a bouquet courtesy of Uber and Happy Bunch this Valentine's Day.

Mom and her Valentine bouquet from Happy Bunch and Uber.

Here's the bouquet of Roses we won from Uber and Happy Bunch. It comes with  a box of Chubbee Cloud Marshmallows. Thank you so much for making our day! The flowers were delivered a day before Valentine's Day. How thoughtful! There'e enough time to plan for a surprise for our partners.

Who doesn't love roses? I just can't get enough of them.
Give me two bouquets also I want!

I got to know another promotion (tied in with roses) that was simply out of this world! O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe was giving away a free bouquet of roses (red or white) when you order a minimum of RM28 via their website with a special promo code OBLOVE. But this was only limited to the first 15 orders. I jumped at the chance. I ordered two sets and I made it to the first 15 list! Yay! I figured that since I was so sick of the food at my work place, why not order delivery on Valentine's Day for O'Briens Sandwhiches and at the same time I can get the roses for free.

I even ordered a set to be sent home on Valentine's Day to my mom who can enjoy her lunch and flowers to go with it! I am sure she is smiling all the way when I told her that I will order her lunch and flowers on Valentine's Day. 

For those who have missed it, here's the promo but now it's a bit too late to seize the deal lah.

Check out the bouquet from O'Brien's promo. I was pleasantly surprised that these flowers looked super presentable and so blooming fresh. We even get to do a personalised message on the card.

There were plenty of roses at my office today.
So How did you celebrate your Valentine? I dated by BFF and we were dressed to the nines for this special occasion.
This is one memorable Valentine's Day with you, Lily Indra! My gf flies back to the UK this Thursday and I will miss her badly.


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